What does DPR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DPR:



Decreto del Presidente della RepubblicaItalian
Dewan Perwakilan RakyatIndonesian
Department Of Parks And RecreationUS Government
Digital Path ReceiverElectronics
Dosemu Project RegistryGeneral Business
Differential Phase ResidualPhysics
Data Production RequestAccounting
Delphi Project ResourceGeneral Business
Daily Post RankingsSports
Development, Promotion, and RecognitionGeneral Business
Daily Progress ReportGeneral Business
Dead Pirate RobertsUnclassified
Donetsk People's RepublicUnclassified
Department of Petroleum ResourcesSuppliers
Definition Phase ReviewNASA
Daily Periodic RateUnclassified
Democratic People's RepublicPolitics
Digital Preservation RecorderUnclassified
Daughter Pregnancy RatePregnancy & Parenting
Daily Protein RequirementUnclassified
Department of Pesticide RegulationUnclassified
Danny Pease and the RegulatorsUnclassified
Digital Photography ReviewPhotography & Imaging
Default project- and state-related information (Borland C++ - Delphi)File Extensions
Digital Press ReleaseNews & Media
Dread Pirate RobertsUnclassified
Defensive Power RatingUnclassified
Denver Parks and RecreationParks & Recreation
Departmental Parking RepresentativeUnclassified
Digital Plug ReadyUnclassified
Daily Production ReportBusiness
Dancing Ponies and RainbowsUnclassified
Dayton Public RadioUnclassified
Degree Progress ReportUnclassified
Damage Per RoundUnclassified
Data Planning and ResearchPlanning
Deconstructed Pure RacerUnclassified
Deletion Prone RegionBritish Medicine
Dental Position ReportDental
Desired Positive ResultsUnclassified
Diastolic Pressure RatioUnclassified
Dispute Prevention And ResolutionUnclassified
Dispute Prevention ResolutionUnclassified
Division of Professional RegulationUnclassified
Do Protesto a ResistenciaUnclassified
Docker Private RegisteryUnclassified
Down Payment ResourceUnclassified
Dream Perfect RegimeUnclassified
Durham Parks and RecreationParks & Recreation
Dynamic Pressure RegulationUnclassified
Dzogchen Ponlop RinpocheUnclassified
Daily Process ReportGeneral Business
Data Protection RegistrarBritish Medicine
Defining & Playing RolesProfessional Organizations
Department of Public RelationsGovernmental
Detailed Project ReportPlanning
Diesel Particulate ReductionEnvironmental
Digital Production ReviewManufacturing
Directorate Performance ReviewBritish Medicine
Division of Petition ReviewFDA
Drug Price ReviewBritish Medicine

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