What does DRS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DRS:



D R S Technologies, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Dresden, GermanyAirport Codes
Direct Registration SystemGeneral Computing
Diffuse Reflectance SpectroscopyUnclassified
Driver Reliability SignatureDrivers
Deficiency Reporting SystemMilitary
Division Restructuring StudyMilitary
Display Resource (WordPerfect for Win)File Extensions
Dial Return SystemTelecom
Driver Rectification SchemePolice
Digital Restoration ServicesUnclassified
Developmental Rehabilitation ServicesRehabilitation
Demand Response SystemNetworking
Data Receiving SystemOcean Science
Dual Radius SidecutUnclassified
Data Retrieval ServerNetworking
Demand Response ServiceUnclassified
Distraction Reduction StabilizationNASA
Declarative Rdf SystemUnclassified
Distraction Reduction SystemUnclassified
Decision Review SystemSports
Disaster Recovery ServicesUnclassified
Drag Reduction SystemAircraft & Aviation
Department of Retirement SystemsUnclassified
Department of Revenue ServicesUnclassified
Danger. Response. Send for helpMedical
Defensive Runs SavedUnclassified
Division of Rehabilitation ServicesRehabilitation
Direct Rail ServicesRailroads
Design Research SocietyResearch
Division of Research SafetyResearch
Dynamic Resource SchedulingUnclassified
Dysphagia Research SocietyResearch
Dakota Rice ScottUnclassified
Dash Replenishment ServiceUnclassified
Debt Recovery SystemsUnclassified
Decompression Reduction and StabilizationUnclassified
Delaware River StevedoresUnclassified
Delivery Run SheetUnclassified
Department of Rehabilitation ServicesRehabilitation
Department of Rehabilitative ServicesUnclassified
Dhoni Review SystemUnclassified
DHS Rehabilitation ServicesRehabilitation
Digital Repository ServiceUnclassified
Disability Resources for StudentsStudents
Disaster Response ServicesUnclassified
Distributed Resources SchedulerUnclassified
Domain Registration SystemUnclassified
Domestic Relations SectionUnclassified
Domino Ring SamplerUnclassified
Dynamic Resource SchedulerUnclassified
Danish Society of RadiologySocieties
Dansk Radiologisk SelskabSocieties
Data Relay SatelliteNASA
Data Relay StationNASA
Datum Reference SystemManufacturing
Delirium Rating ScaleBritish Medicine
Dementia Rating ScaleBritish Medicine
Dental Reference ServiceBritish Medicine
Designated Record SetUS Government
Detainee Reporting SystemMilitary
Diabetic Retinopathy StudyBritish Medicine
Digital Range SafetyNASA
Disease-Related SurvivalBritish Medicine
Distributed Resource SchedulerSoftware
Distributed Resource SchedulingNetworking
District Regulatory StationMiscellaneous
DNA repair synthesisBritish Medicine
Doctors Reform SocietyHealthcare
Drs Data&rsrchLondon Stock Exchange
Drug-Resistance SurveyFDA
Duane retraction syndrome also called , Duane syndromeMedical
Dyskinesia Rating ScaleBritish Medicine

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