What does DSAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DSAT:



Defense SatelliteMilitary
Differential Substance Abuse TreatmentUnclassified
Differentiated Substance Abuse TreatmentUnclassified
Deaf Self Advocacy TrainingUnclassified
Data Sciences Analytics and TechnologiesAcademic & Science
Data Self Assessment ToolkitUnclassified
Diagnostic Structured Analytic TechniquesUnclassified
Diocese of Salisbury Academy TrustAcademic & Science
Diocese of Sheffield Academies TrustUnclassified
Discovery Schools Academy TrustSchools
Division of Select Agents and ToxinsUnclassified
Down Syndrome Association of TallahasseeAssociations
Down Syndrome Association of TorontoAssociations
Down Syndrome Association of TulsaAssociations
Drought Severity Assessment ToolUnclassified
Diving Science And TechnologyTechnology

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