What does EAGLE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EAGLE:



Ending Arguments Gently Legally And EconomicallyLaw & Legal
Equal Access Guarantees Legal EqualityUS Government
Emergency Air Ground Life ExpressCompanies & Firms
Educational Activities Geared For Learning ExcellenceEducational
Encouraging Ambition And Generating Learning ExpertiseUniversities
Employees Achieving Greatness And Leadership ExcellenceGeneral Business
Early Action And Guidance Leading To EmpowermentGeneral Business
Environmental Awareness Guided Learning ExperienceEnvironmental
Exceptional Annual Gifts Lift EngineeringEngineering
Education A Good Learning ExperienceEducational
Enforcement Awareness Guidance Legislation EducationLaw & Legal
Easily Applicable Graphical Layout EditorUnclassified
Easy Applicable Graphical Layout EditorUnclassified
Employee Activity Guide for Labor EntryEmployment
Eye for Autonomous Guidance and Landing ExtensionUnclassified
Eco Activists for Governance and Law EnforcementGovernmental
Equal Access to Gainful Learning and EmploymentEmployment
Emerging And Growth-Leading EconomyGeneral Business

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