What does EASE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EASE:



Easy Access Single EntryDatabases
Equal Area Scalable EarthGeology
Embedded Advanced Sampling EnvironmentLaboratory
Employment Access Skills EnhancementEducational
Equipment And Software EmulatorElectronics
Equal Area SSMI EarthOcean Science
Ease of Access, Service, and EmploymentUS Government
Experience, Acceleration, Supportive EnvironmentReligion
Employee Assistance Services for EducationOccupation & Positions
Easy Access Service EntitlementUS Government
Easy Access to Successful E-learningEducational
Expert Administration and Supervision of E-mailGeneral Computing
Event-Activated Servicing of EquipmentMilitary
Extreme Access System for EntryUnclassified
Electronic Access Systems EnhancementHardware
Essential Academic Skills in EnglishAcademic & Science
European association of sport employersEuropean
Electronic Access to Surgical EventsSurgical
Enlighten Awaken Surrender EngageUnclassified
Electronic Archival Scanning EnterprisesElectronics
Energetic And Structural EmbodimentUnclassified
Enhanced AI Scoring EngineUnclassified
Environmental Animal Sanctuary and EducationNon-Profit Organizations
Everyday Arts for Special EducationEducational
Experience Acceleration Support EnvironmentUnclassified
Eclipse Advanced Scripting EnvironmentUnclassified
Egg Apparatus Specific EnhancerUnclassified
Exhale Airway Stents for EmphysemaUnclassified
Employee Assistance Service for EducationEducational
Enabling Access to Sustainable EnergyEnergy
Early Assistance and Support for EmployeesEmployment
Emmanuel Assists in Serving EveryoneUnclassified
Employee Activity Summary of EffortEmployment
Ergonomic Assist Systems and EquipmentUnclassified
Estimation and Assessment of Substance ExposureUnclassified
Etiwanda Alternative Studies EducationEducational
European Aseptic and Sterile EnvironmentEuropean
European Association for Storage of EnergyEuropean
Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for EngineersHardware
Enterprise Administrative Support EnvironmentFDA
European Association of Science EditorsProfessional Organizations
Examination of Anomalous Self-ExperienceUnclassified
Experimental Assembly of Structures in EVAAssembly

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