What does EBM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EBM:



Evidence Based MedicineOncology
Electronic Body MusicMusic
Expressed Breast MilkUnclassified
Electro Body MusicMusic
Electric Body MusicMusic
Evangelical Bible MissionReligion
Enterprise Business ManagementGeneral Business
Event Brief ManagementGeneral Business
Extruded Bit MappedGeneral Computing
Electronic Brain MassacreElectronics
Enlarged Boner MagnetUnclassified
Electron Beam MachiningUnclassified
Experimental Biology and MedicineBritish Medicine
Evidence Base MedicineMedical
End Behavior ModelMathematics
Epithelial Basement MembraneBritish Medicine
Educated Black MembersUnclassified
Electron Beam MeltingUnclassified
European Boards MeetingEuropean
Engineering Based MedicineMedical
Everything But MusicMusic
Ecosystem Based ManagementManagement
Electro Bowel MovementUnclassified
EMF Build ManagerUnclassified
Entertainment Business ManagementManagement
Espresso Book MachineUnclassified
Earth Beat MovementUnclassified
Economics Based MedicineMedical
Electronic-Based MusicMusic
Energy By MotionPhysics
Enter Build ManageUnclassified
Eternal Brothers MinistriesUnclassified
Evidence Based ModelUnclassified
Extended Barrel MaturationUnclassified
Bnp EnergyLondon Stock Exchange
Editorial Board MemberJournals
Electrical Body MusicMusic
Evidence-based medicineBritish Medicine

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