What does ECPI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ECPI:



Equitable Classroom Practices InstituteCompanies & Firms
Electronics Communications Programming And InformationUniversities
Evil Chubby Pickle InstituteFunnies
Expected Cost Per ImpressionUnclassified
Eb Computer Procurement InitiativeComputing
East Coast Polytechnic InstituteInstitutes
European Council For Plasticisers And IntermediatesEuropean
Electronic College Of Process InnovationColleges
Electronic Controlled Pneumatic ImpactElectronics
Electronic Crime Partnership InitiativeElectronics
European Council For Plasticisers IntermediatesEuropean
Executive Cord Plugger InnerUnclassified
E Capital Partners IndicesUnclassified
EasyCall Communications Philippines IncCompanies & Firms
Electronic Computer Programming InstituteComputing
Electronic Corporate Pages IncElectronics
Excellence Commitments Professionalism and InnovationUnclassified
Exempt Current Pension IncomePension

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