What does ECPP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ECPP:



Early California Population ProjectUnclassified
Early Childhood Program ParticipationUnclassified
Effective Core Polarization PotentialUnclassified
Efficient Conditional Privacy PreservationCyber & Security
Egyptian Congress Of Pediatric PulmonologyPediatric
Elliptic Curve Primality ProofUnclassified
Elliptic Curve Primality ProvingUnclassified
Elliptic Curves and Primality ProvingUnclassified
Environmental Communication and Participatory ProcessesEnvironmental
Estero Community Planning PanelCommunity
European Coalition of Positive PeopleEuropean
European Confederation of Psychoanalytic PsychotherapiesEuropean
European Conference of Positive PsychologyEuropean
European Conference on Positive PsychologyConferences
Europejskie Centrum Pomocy PoszkodowanymUnclassified
Environmental Crime Prevention ProgramEnvironmental

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