What does ECS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ECS:



Elitegroup Computer SystemsCompanies & Firms
Education Commission of the StatesNon-Profit Organizations
Ecuadorian SucreCurrencies
Electronic Clearing ServiceAccounting
Element Construction SetMathematics
Early Childhood ServicesEducational
Engineering Career ServicesCompanies & Firms
European Communications SatelliteNews & Media
Elitegroup Computer SystemComputing
Engagement Control StationMilitary
EOSDIS (Earth Observing System Data and Information System) Core SystemNASA
Equipment Concentration SiteMilitary
Education Cost SharingState & Local
Electronic Chart SystemFile Extensions
Engineering Computer ServicesCompanies & Firms
Event Correlation ServicesNetworking
Educational Cost SharingEducational
Encryption Control SystemCyber & Security
ElectroCerebral SilenceHospitals
Enhanced Customer ServiceGeneral Business
Electronic and Computer ScienceUniversities
Electronic Controlled SuspensionProducts
Engineered Compost SystemsCompanies & Firms
Exceptional Children ServicesEducational
Education, Culture, and ScienceEducational
Engineering Capture SystemGeneral Business
Earth Cargo ShipScience Fiction
Enterprise Control StationNetworking
Exercise Control SystemMilitary
EOF (Experimenters Operations Facility) Core SystemNASA
Entity Coordinate SystemMathematics
Ethics Compliance StandardUS Government
Extreme Combat SpecialistsBoxing
Electronic Citation SystemUniversities
Ethical Culture SchoolSchools
Expert Control SystemHardware
Exon Complementary SequenceUnclassified
Economic Consultancy HouseCompanies & Firms
Energy Consumption SaverGeneral Business
Electronic Control Services CompanyCompanies & Firms
Engineer Combat SystemMilitary
Educational and Community ServicesEducational
English Communications ServiceNews & Media
Eddy Covariance SystemPhysics
Extended Color SavingsUnclassified
Executed Contract SystemUS Government
Edge Composite SystemMathematics
Educational Construction SetProducts
Emerald City SupportersUnclassified
Emergency Communication SystemTelecom
Esports Championship SeriesUnclassified
Electronic Commerce ServerElectronics
English Club of Slipi, Jakarta, IndonesiaHobbies
Early Career ScientistsCareer
EC2 Cluster ServiceUnclassified
EC2 Container ServiceUnclassified
Echantillon Carnet SampleUnclassified
Edinburgh Computer ServicesComputing
Educator Certification SystemCertifications & Diplomas
Elastic Cloud StorageUnclassified
Elastic Common SchemaUnclassified
Elastic Container ServiceUnclassified
Electronic Claim SubmissionElectronics
Electronic Claims SubmissionElectronics
Electronic Clearing SystemElectronics
Electronic Control SystemElectronics
Electronic Credit SettlementElectronics
Electronics and Computer ScienceElectronics
Electrotechnical Certification SchemeCertifications & Diplomas
Embedded Computer SystemsComputing
Emmaus Correspondence SchoolSchools
Empire City SubwayUnclassified
Employment Contractor ServicesEmployment
Energy Communication and ServicesEnergy
Energy Communications and ServicesEnergy
Engineering and Computer ScienceComputing
Engineering and Computer SimulationsEngineering
Engineering CareerCareer
Engineering Computer SimulationsEngineering
Enhanced Chip SetUnclassified
Enhanced Cybersecurity ServicesUnclassified
Entity Component and SystemUnclassified
Entity Component SystemUnclassified
Environment Control SystemUnclassified
Environmental Charter SchoolEnvironmental
Environmental Compliance ServicesEnvironmental
Environmental Composite SystemsEnvironmental
EOSDIS Core SystemUnclassified
Episcopal Community ServicesCommunity
Evangelical Christian SchoolReligion
Exceptional Customer ServiceUnclassified
Experience Centered SeminarUnclassified
Exploring Computer ScienceComputing
Extended Chirp ScalingUnclassified
Association Européenne de ChimieSocieties
Educational Computer StrategistGeneral Computing
Electrochemical SocietySocieties
Electrosteel CastingsLondon Stock Exchange
Eligible cliniciansMedical
Endocervical SwabMedical
Engine Control SystemNASA
Environmental Control SystemNASA
European Cetacean SocietyOcean Science
European Chemical SocietySocieties
Expeditionary Combat SupportMilitary

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