What does ED D stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ED D:



Employment Development DepartmentState & Local
Doctor of EducationAcademic Degrees
Earliest Due DateElectronics
Economic Development DistrictAcademic Degrees
Enhanced Disk DriveElectronics
Enhanced Disk Drive ServicesDrivers
Electronic Document DistributionGeneral Business
Estimated Due DateUS Government
Expected Delivery DatePregnancy & Parenting
Expected Due DateUnclassified
Entirely Different DirectionMeteorology
Electronic Direct DepositAccounting
Estimated Departure DateMilitary
Engineering Development DivisionOcean Science
Earliest Delivery DateMilitary
Estimated Deployment DateMilitary
Explosives Detection DevicesTransportation
Estimated Delivery DueUnclassified
Expected Due DiligenceGeneral Business
Enterprise Document DeliveryUnclassified
Eat, Drink, and DanceSports
Even During DelayTransportation
Education DoctorateAcademic Degrees
Erroneous Decimal DigitsAssembly
Ethernet Demarcation DeviceNetworking
Expecte D DateUnclassified
Extragalactic Distance DatabaseDatabases
Electronic Document DeliveryElectronics
Electronic Diametre DeductorElectronics
Environmental Deficit DisorderEnvironmental
Extended Daily DialysisHospitals
Envelope Delay DistortionTelecom
Engage Deliberate DecideUnclassified
Enhanced Data DisplayUnclassified
Energy Dispersive DiffractionEnergy
Every Door DirectUnclassified
Easy Digital DownloadsUnclassified
Earliest Device DateUnclassified
Educational Dollars for DutyEducational
Element Definition documentUnclassified
Elena Delle DonneUnclassified
Enriched Domain DetectorUnclassified
Enterprise Design DocumentUnclassified
estimated date of delivery (at 40/40 weeks of pregnancy); expected date of deliveryMedical
Estimated Delivery DateUnclassified
European Development DaysDevelopment
Explosive Detection DogDogs Related
Exporter Dynamics DatabaseDatabases
Extended Data DictionaryUnclassified
Education DevelopmentLondon Stock Exchange
Electronic Data DiscoveryLaw & Legal
Emotional Deprivation DisorderPhysiology
Enhanced Due DiligenceGeneral Business
Entity Design DocumentSoftware
Entry Denial DeviceMilitary
Estimated Date of DeliveryGeneral Business
Estimated Date of DischargeMedical
Excessive Drama DisorderPerforming Arts
Expected Date of DeliveryUS Government
Explosives Detection DogMilitary

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