What does EDEN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EDEN:



Extension Disaster Education NetworkUniversities
EIASM's Doctoral Education NetworkUniversities
Environmental Development and Education NetworkEducational
Ethical Distribution Ethical NetworkUnclassified
Environment, Defense, Educate, NurtureEducational
Earth Defense Event NetworkScience Fiction
Every Day Every NightUnclassified
Education Diversity Equality and NecessaryEducational
Education Data Exchange NetworkEducational
Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship NetworkEngineering
Evo Devo Eco NetworkUnclassified
Emerald Development and Economic NetworkDevelopment
Engineering Design Entrepreneurship NetworkEngineering
European Destinations of ExcelleNceEuropean
Everybody Delightful Entertainment NetworkUnclassified
Niedersteten-Bad Mergentheim, S-GermanyAirport Codes

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