What does EEL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EEL:



Enhanced Extended LinkNetworking
Edge Emitting LaserElectronics
Epsilon Extension LanguageSoftware
Eazel Extension LibrarySoftware
Ejército Español de LiberaciónSpanish
Each & Every LossMiscellaneous
European Elite LeagueEuropean
Executable Editing LibraryLibraries
Expression Engine LanguageLanguage & Literature
Edmund Erskine LeacockUnclassified
Electron Energy LossEnergy
Equator Exploration LtdCompanies & Firms
Easily Engaged LockUnclassified
European Environmental LawEuropean
Each and Every LossUnclassified
Easy Earl LifeUnclassified
Electrical Equipment ListNASA
Electrochemical Energy LaboratoryEnergy
Embedded Expression LanguageLanguage & Literature
Emergency Employee LocatorEmployment
Enhanced Extended LoopPhysics
Enhancer Element LocatorUnclassified
External Elastic LaminaPhysiology

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