What does EMF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EMF:



ElectroMagnetic FieldElectronics
electromotive forceElectronics
Enhanced MetaFileDrivers
Eclipse Modeling FrameworkSoftware
Enhanced Metafile FormatFile Extensions
Emerging Markets FreeInternational Business
Electric And Magnetic FieldElectronics
Electro Magnetic FieldUnclassified
Templeton Emerging Markets FundNYSE Symbols
Electro Motive ForceUnclassified
European Museum ForumConferences
Enhanced Meta FileUnclassified
E-Mail ForwardingInternet
Everett-Metzger-Flanders Automobile CompanyCompanies & Firms
Enlisted Master FileMilitary
Electro Magnetic FrequenciesUnclassified
Electronic Magnetic FieldElectronics
Etat Major De ForcesMilitary
Elite Mercenary ForceMilitary
Efficient Market FallacyStock Exchange
Electrical Malfunction FoundHardware
Enhanced MetaFile Vector graphics fileFile Extensions
Epsom Mad FUnclassified
The Expected Marginal FineUnclassified
Epsom Mad FunkersUnclassified
English Music FestivalMusic
Election Measuring ForceUS Government
Electric Magnetic FanElectronics
European Microlight FederationEuropean
Ethiopian Media ForumNews & Media
European Minigolfsport FederationEuropean
Electro Magnetic FieldsUnclassified
Electro Magnetic ForceUnclassified
Electron Microscopy FacilityUnclassified
Electronic Music FoundationMusic
Emergency Medicine FoundationFoundations
Emerging Markets FundFunds
End My FunFunnies
Energy Modeling ForumEnergy
Entrepreneurial Marketing and FinanceFinance
European Minifootball FederationEuropean
European Mission FellowshipEuropean
European Mortgage FederationEuropean
E-Mail FilteringNetworking
Electric and Magnetic FieldsResearch
electromagnetic forceAcademic & Science
ElectroMotive Force (Voltage)Unit Measures
Ellen MacArthur FoundationAcademic & Science
Environmental Management FrameworkEnvironmental
European Milk ForumGovernmental
Evangelical Ministerial FellowshipReligion
Expeditionary Medical FacilityMilitary

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