What does EMMA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EMMA:



European Mouse Mutant ArchiveVeterinary
Ethnic Multicultural Media AwardAwards & Medals
Electron Microscopy and Micro-AnalysisElectronics
European Mobility Management ActionEuropean
Euclidean Model MAtchingChemistry
Ethnic Multi-cultural Media AcademySchools
Electronic Materials Management AssociateManagement
East Meadow Materials AreaMilitary
Electronic Medical Management ApplicationLaboratory
Estado Mayor del Mando AĆ©reoSpanish
Extendable Multi-Method AnalyzerSoftware
Extensible Multi- Modal Annotation markup languageGeneral Computing
Electronic Municipal Market AccessCivic & Municipal
Enterprise Medical Management AutomationMedical
Entertainment Management Music AdministrationMusic
Efficient Mixed Model AssociationAssociations
Espoo Museum of Modern ArtMuseums
Expatriate Management and Mobility AwardsManagement
Expert Manipulative Massage AutomationUnclassified
Electron Model for Many ApplicationsUnclassified
Electron Model of Muon AcceleratorUnclassified
Easy Mobile Marketing AutomationMarketing
Effective Mass Multiplication ApparatusUnclassified
Efficient massive mapping algorithmUnclassified
Emergency Market Mapping and AnalysisUnclassified
European Media Management AssociationEuropean
European Multiple MOOC AggregatorEuropean
Eve Market Monitoring ApplicationUnclassified
Electro-Magnetic Mass AcceleratorPhysics
Enterprise Monitoring and Management of AccountsGeneral Business
Equalized Maintenance for Maximum AvailabilityAcademic & Science
Eventually Men Make AnimalsFunnies
Extreme Mass Murderer ApprenticeLaw & Legal

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