What does EOSP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EOSP:



Earth Observing Scanning PolarimeterMeteorology
End of Sea PassageUnclassified
Early Out Self PayUnclassified
early onset severe PEUnclassified
Email Order System ProUnclassified
Essentials of Stochastic ProcessesUnclassified
End of Season PartyUnclassified
Expectations for Oil Shale ProductionUnclassified
Ellesmere Out Of School ProjectSchools
Employment Ontario Service ProvidersEmployment
End of Service PeriodUnclassified
End Of the Service PeriodUnclassified
East of Shetland PipelineUnclassified
Early Outreach and Support ProgramsUnclassified
Electro Optical Sensor PlatformUnclassified
Organization for Strategic PlanningsUnclassified

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