What does EPB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EPB:



Export Promotion BureauState & Local
English Philosophy BuildingEnglish
External Proton BeamLaboratory
Equivalent Pension BenefitsOccupation & Positions
Extracted Proton BeamPhysics
Bay Regional Medical Center Library, Bay City, Michigan Library codeLibraries
Events Paramater BlockUnclassified
Electronic Parking BrakeProducts
Electric Power BoardElectronics
Electric Plant BoardElectronics
Economic Planning BoardPlanning
Edmund Pollexfen BastardUnclassified
Electric Parking BrakeElectronics
Electro Pneumatic BrakeUnclassified
Electro Pneumatic BrakingUnclassified
Elevated Post BaseUnclassified
Encrypted PIN BlockUnclassified
Engineering and Physical BiologyBiology
Environment and Planning BPlanning
Environmental Programs BranchEnvironmental
Ethane Propane And ButaneUnclassified
European Polar BoardEuropean
Express Printing BusinessBusiness
Extant Phylogenetic BracketUnclassified
Extensor Pollicis BrevisMedical
Export Prevention BureauBureaus

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