What does EPS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand EPS:



Earnings Per ShareStock Exchange
Encapsulated PostScriptMilitary
European Physical SocietyPhysics
Extrapyramidal symptomsPhysiology
Extracellular Polymeric SubstanceHuman Genome
Encapsulated Post ScriptFile Extensions
ElectroPhysiologic studyLaboratory
Eumetsat Polar SystemNASA
Electronic Power SteeringProducts
Educators Publishing ServiceCompanies & Firms
Enhanced Probiotic SystemPhysiology
Essential Programs And ServicesUnited Nations
European Project SemesterUniversities
Expressed Prostatic SecretionPhysiology
Electronic Payment SystemAccounting
Electronic Payment SystemsElectronics
Environmental Priority StrategiesUS Government
Electronic Publishing ServicesElectronics
Expanded Polystyrene StyrofoamPlastics
Engineered Performance StandardsTransportation
European Parts SpecialistsCompanies & Firms
Express Print StationSoftware
Emergency Psychiatric ServicesHospitals
Electro Physiological StudyPhysiology
External Pressure SensorNASA
Early Periodic ScreeningEducational
Email Processing SystemNetworking
Electronic Printing Systems, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Epson Printer fontFile Extensions
Emergency Pregnancy ServiceHospitals
Encapsulated PostScript image formatElectronics
Equalised Performance SailingSailing
Energy Projectile SystemMilitary
European Project SeminarUniversities
Event Protocol SharingNetworking
Egmont Publishing ServiceUnclassified
End Plug SurveyUnclassified
Ears Palms And SolesUnclassified
Ejercito Popular SandanistaSpanish
Adobe Illustrator Encapsulated PostScript - text and graphics) (File Extensions
El Portillo/ Samona, Dominican RepublicAirport Codes
Events Per SecondTechnology
Expanded PolystreneConstruction
Employee Pension SchemeEmployment
Energy and Power SolutionsEnergy
Engineered Polymer SolutionsUnclassified
Evangelical Philosophical SocietySocieties
Electronic Procurement SystemElectronics
Energetic Possums SterileFunnies
Energy Performance ScoreEnergy
European Political ScienceEuropean
Earth and Planetary ScienceAcademic & Science
Every Price SkywardUnclassified
Educators PublishingEducational
Electric Power SteeringElectronics
Emergency Pump SystemMechanics
Ensoniq Performance SamplerUnclassified
Evergreen Performance SystemsUnclassified
Earning Per ShareUnclassified
Electrical Power SourceElectronics
Electronic Payment for SharesElectronics
Electronic Payments and StatementsElectronics
Electronic Payments StatementsElectronics
Employment Permit SystemUnclassified
Empresa Promotora de SaludUnclassified
Energy Panel StructuresEnergy
Engcon Positioning SystemUnclassified
Engineered Propulsion SystemsUnclassified
Enterprise Project StructureUnclassified
Environmental Planning SpecialistsEnvironmental
Essential Pregnancy ServicesPregnancy & Parenting
European Politics and SocietyEuropean
Expeditors Production ServicesUnclassified
Experience People and StoryUnclassified
Payments with SourcesUnclassified
Personnel ServicesUnclassified
Earth and Planetary SciencesUniversities
Edmonton Public SchoolsSchools
Electrical Power SystemHardware
Electro Plasma SystemScience Fiction
Electronic Point of SaleGeneral Business
Electronic Prescription ServiceBritish Medicine
Electronic Programming SystemHardware
electrophysiological studyBritish Medicine
Electrophysiology StudiesCardiology
Elizabeth's Percentage SystemClothing
Elkhorn Public SchoolsSchools
Email Parsing SystemUnclassified
Emergency Power SystemComputing
Empty Payment SubmissionBusiness
Energy Panel StructureHardware
Epsilon Energy LTD.Toronto Stock Exchange
Ermington Public SchoolSchools
Evaluation Planning SystemNASA
Exemplary Program StandardsEducational
Exhibition Place StadiumSports
Expanded PolystyreneWaste Managment
Experimental Power SupplyNASA
Extended Poly StyreneChemistry
External Personnel PodMilitary
extrapyramidal syndromeBritish Medicine
Extruded Poly StyreneChemistry

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