What does ERS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ERS:



Economic Research ServiceUS Government
Employees Retirement SystemEducational
European Remote SensingOcean Science
Earth Resources SatelliteOcean Science
Emergency Recovery SystemGeneral Computing
Emergency Road ServiceTransportation
Evaluated Receipt SettlementAccounting
Ellipsoidal Reflector SpotlightMilitary
ESA (European Space Agency) Remote-sensing SatelliteOcean Science
External Reference SpecificationGeneral Computing
Exclusive Ride SessionRiding
Emergency Relocation SiteMilitary
Energy Releasing StimulantPhysiology
Enterprise Reporting SystemNetworking
Eros, NamibiaAirport Codes
Event Reporting StandardElectronics
Errors PartyNetworking
Experimental Resolution SystemGeneral Business
Estate Regeneration SchemeHousing & Amenities
Enhanced Reference SystemDatabases
Earbitten Radio ShowsFunnies
Eibach Race SystemProducts
Electronics Rack SystemMilitary
Eternal Righting System DesignsCompanies & Firms
Employee Reporting SystemGeneral Business
ER Mapper file - Earth Resource Mapping Satellite image headerFile Extensions
Emotional RoadShowMusic
Employee Resource SystemsEmployment
Energy Recovery SystemsEnergy
Emergency Radio ServiceUnclassified
Environment Rating ScaleUnclassified
Enterprise Recovery SystemsUnclassified
Environmental Record SearchEnvironmental
Electronic Restoration ServicesElectronics
Ethical and Religious StudiesReligion
Employee Reimbursement SystemEmployment
Employees' Retirement SystemEmployment
Enterprise Ready ServerUnclassified
European Respiratory SocietyEuropean
Education Resource StrategiesEducational
Empire Resources, Inc., of DelawareAMEX Symbols
Employment Research ServicesEmployment
Environment Rating ScalesUnclassified
Early Release ScienceAcademic & Science
Easy Reliable SecureUnclassified
Educational Research ServiceResearch
Educational Resource ServicesEducational
Effective Revenue ShareUnclassified
Egyptian Rat SlapUnclassified
Electronic Registry SystemsElectronics
Electronic Reporting SystemElectronics
Element Rotation StandNASA
Elevator Repair ServiceUnclassified
Email Reputation ServicesUnclassified
Emergency Response and SalvageUnclassified
EnerGuide Rating SystemUnclassified
Energy Recovery SystemEnergy
Enterprise Risk ServicesUnclassified
Episcopal Retirement ServicesUnclassified
Equipment Rules of SailingSailing
EROS Registration SystemUnclassified
European Rhinologic SocietyEuropean
Evidence Record SyntaxUnclassified
Excavator Rental ServicesUnclassified
Executive Radiator ServiceUnclassified
Expeditious Refund SystemUnclassified
Bnp EuroLondon Stock Exchange
Earth Recovery SubsystemNASA
Earth Reference SystemManufacturing
Electronic Regulatory SubmissionFDA
Electronic Reservation SlipTransportation
Emergency Response ServicesCompanies & Firms
Engineering and Research & Development (R&D) ServicesEngineering
Engineering Release SystemNASA
English Reading SchemeSchools
Entry and Recovery SimulationNASA
Ethics and Religious StudiesEducational

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