What does ESEP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ESEP:



Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Education ProgramSchools
Engaging Scientists and Engineers in PolicyUnclassified
Engineer and Scientist Exchange ProgramOccupation & Positions
Eigsi Students Engineering ProjectsEngineering
Elementary Science Education PartnersEducational
Emergency Services Enhancement ProgramUnclassified
Employee Scholarship Exemption ProgramEmployment
Engaging Scientists Engineers In PolicyUnclassified
Engineering Science Education ProgramEngineering
Engineering Science Education ProjectEngineering
Engineering Senior Executive PanelEngineering
Engineering Summer Education ProgramEngineering
Enhanced Scheme Evaluation ProjectUnclassified
Environmental Science and Engineering ProgramEngineering
Escola Superior de Enfermagem do PortoUnclassified
Ethical Supplier Engagement ProgramUnclassified
Ethics in Science and Environmental PoliticsEnvironmental
European Science Engineering ProgramEngineering
Excepted Service Examining PlanUnclassified
Exceptional Students Educational ProgramsEducational
Expedited Seismic Evaluation ProcessUnclassified
Expert Systems Engineering ProfessionalEngineering
Engineering and Science Education ProgramEngineering

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