What does ESF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ESF:



European Social FundUS Government
European Science FoundationOcean Science
Emergency Support FunctionCommunity
Extended SuperFrameGeneral Computing
Extended Super FrameNetworking
Earth Special ForcesScience Fiction
European Social FundingEuropean
English Schools FoundationFoundations
Espirito Santo Financial Group, S. A.NYSE Symbols
Education Services FoundationFoundations
Engineered Safety FeaturesNASA
Epistula Syndication FormatUnclassified
English School FoundationFoundations
Evangelical Student FellowshipStudents
Elite Sniper ForceUnclassified
The Exchange Stabalization FundFunds
Education, Sports, and FunSports
Elite Swat ForcesLaw & Legal
English Speaking FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Evil Sick FUnclassified
Everest Security ForceUnclassified
Easy Scouring FinishProducts
Emergency Support FunctionsUnclassified
Exogenous Shocks FacilityUnclassified
Earth's Special ForcesGaming
Ecole de ski FrancaisSkiing
Enhanced Semi FinishedUnclassified
Education as Self FashioningEducational
e-Sports FederationGaming
English Surfing FederationFederation
Ethical Sourcing ForumForums
Eureka Schools FoundationFoundations
Easy Spam FighterUnclassified
Economic Support FundsFunds
Edge Spread FunctionUnclassified
education sports and FUNEducational
Education Sports FunSports
Educational State ForestEducational
Electric Static FeildElectronics
Electronic Sow FeederElectronics
Emergency Student FundFunds
Empire Specific FighterUnclassified
Enfuse Simple FusionUnclassified
Engineered Specialty FabricsUnclassified
Enterprise Service FrameworkUnclassified
Environmental and Social FrameworkEnvironmental
Environmental Science and ForestryAcademic & Science
Esperantic Studies FoundationFoundations
Estimate Sow FeedUnclassified
Etienne Sampling FormulaUnclassified
European Safety FederationEuropean
European Sign FederationEuropean
European Softball FederationEuropean
Everyware Software FrameworkSoftware
Evo Stabil FreeUnclassified
Economic Support FundMilitary
Education Standards FundBritish Medicine
Erythropoiesis Stimulating FactorBritish Medicine
Exchange Stabilization FundUS Government
Explosive Safe FacilityNASA
External Skeletal FixationBritish Medicine
External Skeletal FixatorBritish Medicine

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