What does ESG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ESG:



Executive Steering GroupMilitary
The Empire State GamesUnclassified
Elvish Spirit GuideUnclassified
Emerald, Sapphire, and GoldColors
Extraordinary Scroggins GirlsFunnies
Enterprising Scroggins GirlsUnclassified
Enhanced Service GatewayTelecom
Educational Support GroupNon-Profit Organizations
East Side GirlzFunnies
Error Satellite GaugeTelecom
Environmental Social and GovernanceEnvironmental
Environmental Social GovernanceFinance
Emerald Silver GoldColors
Environment Society and GovernanceSocieties
Environmental Social and GoodEnvironmental
Emerald Sapphire and GoldUnclassified
Environment Suppoet GroupUnclassified
Experimental Study GroupUnclassified
Ecole Supérieure de GestionUnclassified
Elness Swenson GrahamUnclassified
Emergency Shelter GrantUnclassified
Emergency Shelter GrantsUnclassified
Emergency Solutions GrantsUnclassified
Employer Solutions GroupUnclassified
Energy Systems GroupEnergy
Enterprise Systems GroupUnclassified
Environmental Solutions GroupEnvironmental
Everyday Street GangstaUnclassified
Execution Specialists GroupUnclassified
Effect Size GeneratorIT
Electronic Service GuideIT
Electronic Sound GeneratorAutomotive
Electronic Submissions GatewayFDA
Elektrisches SchaltgetriebeAutomotive
Embedded Software GroupIT
Endovascular Stent GraftBritish Medicine
Engine Speed GovernorAutomotive
English Speaking GuideEducational
Enhanced Services GroupIT
Enterprise Server GroupIT
Enterprise Storage GroupIT
Enterprise Strategy GroupUnclassified
Equality Strategy GroupBritish Medicine
EservglobalLondon Stock Exchange
ESG educational support groupBritish Medicine
European Society of GynecologyBritish Medicine
Evaluation Steering GroupBritish Medicine
Expeditionary Strike GroupMilitary
Expert Scientific GroupBritish Medicine

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