What does ETL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ETL:



Extract, Transform, LoadSoftware
Environmental Technology LaboratoryOcean Science
Edison Testing LaboratoriesCompanies & Firms
Endorsed Tools ListMilitary
Essex Terminal Railway CompanyRailroads
Electrical Testing LaboratoryNetworking
Extended Trading LineStock Exchange
Electricity Transmission LineElectronics
Energy Technology ListTechnology
Endogenous Technology LearningEducational
Microsoft Event Trace Log FileSoftware
Extract Transformation and LoadUnclassified
Extract Transform and LoadUnclassified
Educational Technology LeadershipEducational
Embedded Test LanguageSoftware
Epsilon Transformation LanguageLanguage & Literature
Extraction Transformation and LoadingUnclassified
Effective Teaching LearningEducational
Enhancing Teaching LearningEducational
Entrepreneurial Thought LeadersUnclassified
Ephemerides Theologicae LovaniensesUnclassified
Edison Testing LabsUnclassified
Educational Technologies LimitedEducational
Effective Teaching and LearningEducational
Embedded Template LibraryLibraries
Engineer Topographic LaboratoriesLaboratory
European Turfgrass LaboratoriesEuropean
Event Trace LogRacing
Examine Translate and LeverageUnclassified
Executive Team LeadUnclassified
Extract Transfer and LoadUnclassified
Extract Transform LoadDatabases
Extract Transformation and LoadingUnclassified
Extraction Tansformation and LoadingUnclassified
EADS Technology LicensingGeneral Business
Echo Train LengthHospitals
Educational Term LoanBanking
Engineering Technical LetterMilitary
English as a Third LanguageAcademic & Science
Essex Terminal RailwayRailroads
Executive Team LeaderOccupation & Positions

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