What does ETR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ETR:



Entergy CorporationNYSE Symbols
Eastern Test RangeMilitary
Essex Terminal RailwayRailroads
Estimated Time of ReturnMilitary
Estimated Time to RepairHardware
Evaporator Temperature RegulatorProducts
Estimated Time of RecoveryGeneral Computing
Embedded Training RequirementsMilitary
Electronic Tandem ResourcesElectronics
Enhanced Tear ResistanceUnclassified
Equipment Trouble ReportUnclassified
Educate Test RewardUnclassified
Existing To RemainArchitecture
Evaluation Team ReportUnclassified
Effective Tax RateTax
Electronic Temporary RegistrationElectronics
Elettero Treno RapidoUnclassified
Estimated Time of RestorationInternet
Employee Turnover RateEmployment
Excessive Transverse RidgeUnclassified
Electronic Timer and RemoteElectronics
Express Toll RouteTransportation
Elkton Town ResidentResidential
Early to RiseUnclassified
European Tamil RadioEuropean
Environmental Testing and ResearchEnvironmental
Electronic Training RequestElectronics
Expenditure Transfer RequestUnclassified
Educational Technology ResourcesEducational
Elettro Treno RapidoUnclassified
Early Token ReleaseUnclassified
Earn The RightUnclassified
East Texas RadiatorUnclassified
Eastern Tandem RallyUnclassified
Electronic Title and RegistrationElectronics
Electronic Title RegistrationElectronics
Electronic Trade ReferenceElectronics
Electronically Tuned ReceiverUnclassified
Element Test ReviewUnclassified
Eletronic Tuning RadioUnclassified
Emerging Talent RotationalUnclassified
Employer Tuition ReimbursementUnclassified
Endogenous Tissue RestorationUnclassified
Engineering Technical ReviewsEngineering
Enjoy The RideUnclassified
Enterprise Technology ResearchResearch
Est Time of RestorationUnclassified
Establish The RunUnclassified
Estimated Time of ReadinessUnclassified
European Trainees ResidenceEuropean
Exchange On Tax RulingsTax
Exchange Trade ReportUnclassified
Electric Tool RepairCompanies & Firms
Electronic National Tuberculosis RegistryFDA
Essex TerminalRailroads
Estimated Time to ResponseChat
Export Traffic ReleaseMilitary
Extra Testing RuleAcademic & Science

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