What does FÜ stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand :



Firat ÜniversitesiTurkish
Follow UpOncology
Functional UnitSoftware
Fordham UniversityUniversities
Family UnitHousing & Amenities
File UploadNetworking
Formula UnitUnit Measures
Fertilizer UseFarming & Agriculture
First UserMilitary
Florida UniversityUniversities
Furman UniversityUniversities
Finite UnionMathematics
Foul UpMilitary
Frag UniversityFunnies
Funny UncleFunnies
Fire UnitMilitary
Football UnitedFootball
Fraction UnboundMathematics
Forces UnknownAstronomy
Fever of Unknown originHospitals
Felix UngerFamous & Celebs
Feedback UnitElectronics
Food UnitLaw & Legal
Fluorescence UnitUnit Measures
Future UnitUnit Measures
Fortran UnitGeneral Computing
Forever UnchainedCommunity
Family UrbanCommunity
Future UnityReligion
Forecast UnitMeteorology
Fighter UndergroundGaming
Funky UnderpantsFunnies
Fearless UnitScience Fiction
Farmacopeia UfficialeHospitals
Formerly UndesirableChat
Forcible UnionGeneral Business
Flows UnlimitedNon-Profit Organizations
Future's UnpredictableEducational
F***ed UpUnclassified
F*** yoUUnclassified
Freie UniversitätUnclassified
Francis UrquhartUnclassified
Fude UniversityUniversities
Fluffy UnicornFunnies
Forever UnlovedUnclassified
Fart Underwater (submarine sound)Military
Fairfield UniversityUniversities
File to URLUnclassified
Finishing UnitUnclassified
Fixture UnitUnclassified
Fundamental UnitUnclassified
Fibrinolytic UnitsUnclassified
Field UnitUnclassified
File UploaderUnclassified
Finitions UpdatedUnclassified
For UsUnclassified
For UtmUnclassified
Forward UnitsUnclassified
Forward UserUnclassified
Freaking UglyUnclassified
Fridays UnyokedUnclassified
Frost UpMeteorology
Farmacopea UfficialeFDA
Flight UnitNASA
Friends UniversityUniversities

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