What does FA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FA:



Family AndSports
Frequently AskedEducational
Football AssociationFootball
Fine ArtsUniversities
First AidHospitals
Free AgentSports
Field ArtilleryMilitary
Failure AnalysisElectronics
Floor AreaArchitecture
Fallen AngelLaw & Legal
Factory AutomationHardware
Flight AttendantTransportation
For AuctionChat
Fatty AcidHuman Genome
Fluorescent AntibodyLaboratory
Functional AreaMilitary
Final AnswerUniversities
Finite AutomataGeneral Computing
Female AdultLaw & Legal
Full AdderAssembly
Front AccessElectronics
Fat A**Chat
Farsi (Persian)Language Codes (2 Letters)
Finite AutomatonGeneral Computing
First AppearanceNews & Media
First AscentNASA
Fairchild CorporationNYSE Symbols
Foreign AgentMilitary
First AlertCompanies & Firms
Fighter AttackMilitary
Farm AidNon-Profit Organizations
Fly AshEnvironmental
Area ForecastMeteorology
Function ApplicationMathematics
Full ArrayMathematics
Full ArmorMilitary
Folk AllianceMusic
Fat AdmirerChat
Freedom ArmsMilitary
First AlienNASA
Fusil AutomatiqueMilitary
Fine AggregateGeology
Failed AnswerTelecom
Form ApplicationMilitary
Functional ApplicationGeneral Computing
Fast ActionNews & Media
Full AccreditationUniversities
Fundamental AnalysisMathematics
Finance AssociationCompanies & Firms
Full AutomaticPolice
From ArpanetMilitary
Full AbstractionSoftware
Food AddictFood & Nutrition
Field AgentOccupation & Positions
Flying AccidentTransportation
Fat AnalysisPhysiology
Fiery AvengerScience Fiction
Francesca Annis - actressFamous & Celebs
Fertility AwarenessPhysiology
First AssociatesUnclassified
Fully AmorphousChemistry
Frankford ArsenalMilitary
Ford AerospaceCompanies & Firms
Furnace AnnealingChemistry
Force AnalyzerMilitary
Father AdvisesCommunity
Fine AttitudeLaw & Legal
Family AdministratorCommunity
Fantasy AngelNews & Media
Frame AxiomMathematics
Federal AssassinFBI Files
Finished ArtworkPerforming Arts
Friedreich's AtaxiaPhysiology
Fast AverageMathematics
Failed AppointmentPhysiology
Field AttachableMilitary
Fallen AshBotany
Facilities AnnexArchitecture
Freeboard AftMilitary
Forward ArrayMilitary
Filter AnodeElectronics
Flow AttributedPhysics
Fusion ArrayPhysics
Fabulous AmountsUnclassified
Fuerza ArmadaMilitary
Factorization ApproximationMathematics
Filiment AnodeUnclassified
Firozpur ArsenalMilitary
Fat AdjusterLaboratory
Filmakers' AnonymousCompanies & Firms
Friends of AscensionPerforming Arts
Fists of AllahReligion
Finance AvenueFinance
Fur AffinityWebsites
Financial AidEducational
Faculty of ArtsUniversities
Forever AloneInternet
Flight AssistantAircraft & Aviation
Formative AssesmentStudents
Faculty AssistantStudents
Fabrizio andUnclassified
fence AviationAircraft & Aviation
Fichier ArpegeUnclassified
Finished ArtUnclassified
First AnswerEducational
Floating AscendingUnclassified
Football AssociationsFootball
Football AssotiationFootball
F***in ArseholesUnclassified
Forte AdviseeUnclassified
Fascist and AntiUnclassified
For AgainUnclassified
Freaking AwesomeUnclassified
F***ing AroundUnclassified
Fasti Archaeologici, RomaRomanian
Fire AlarmUnclassified
Font AwesomeUnclassified
Formative AssessmentUnclassified
F AllUnclassified
For AboutUnclassified
F in AUnclassified
Fabulous AndUnclassified
Factory AuditingAuditing
Faculty AssociationAssociations
Fanconi AnemiaUnclassified
Fandi AhmadUnclassified
Fatass AUnclassified
Fatty AcidsUnclassified
Feasibility AssessmentMilitary
Ferocious AnimalsAnimals
Fight AlwaysUnclassified
Final ArtworkArt
Final AssemblyNASA
Financial AuditAuditing
First ArtsArt
Fixed AccessUnclassified
Flight AcceptanceNASA
Fluorescein AngiographyUnclassified
Folk ArtsMusic
Football AllianceFootball
For AbbreviationUnclassified
For AllUnclassified
for AndUnclassified
For in AuditAuditing
Forwarding AddressUnclassified
Forwarding AdjacencyUnclassified
Frente AmplioUnclassified
Faculty of ActuariesSocieties
False AlarmCyber & Security
Family (Housing Unit, Dwelling)Military
Fat AlbertFamous & Celebs
Federal AidUnclassified
Filing ActionFDA
Final AnalysisGeneral Computing
Final ApproachNASA
Find AnatoleMiscellaneous
Fine ArtistryProducts
Fireman ApprenticeNavy
Fiscal AgentGeneral Business
Fixed AssetsAccounting
Flame ArrestorProducts
Flight AftNASA
Focus AreaAcademic & Science
Folic AcidClinical Medicine
Framework AgreementPolitics
Freedom AllianceNon-Profit Organizations
Fully AgreeChat
Fully AutomaticNASA
First AssistantOccupation & Positions
Founding of AquataineCommunity

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