What does FAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FAT:



File Allocation TableTechnology
FantiLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Fresno Air TerminalTransportation
Factory Acceptance TestMilitary
Fashion Architecture TasteFashion & Beauty
First Article TestMilitary
Factory Acceptance TestingGeneral Business
Friends And TeachersEducational
Fully Automatic TimingManufacturing
Faithful, Available, TeachableEducational
Fresno, California USAAirport Codes
Frustration, Anxiety, and TensionPhysiology
Final Acceptance TestMilitary
Frustration, Anxiety, TensionPsychology
First Aid TeamUnclassified
Faithful, Available, and TeachableReligion
Fabulous And ThickUnclassified
Fast Analog TransformMathematics
FederaciĆ³n de Amigos de la TierraSpanish
Flechette Anti TankMilitary
Family Adventure TripsTravel & Tourism
Filtered Array TechnologyAstronomy
First Arrival TimeUnclassified
Fixed Angle TexturingUnclassified
Fantastic Artistic TalentPerforming Arts
Frustrated, Angry, and TiredFunnies
Fragmentation Allocation TableFunnies
Fabulous And TrendyClothing
Fun And TruthFunnies
File And TravelTravel & Tourism
Fabbrica Armi TerniUnclassified
Faithful Able And TeachableUnclassified
A File Allocation TreeUnclassified
Featuring Area TalentUnclassified
Faithful Available TeachableUnclassified
Fight A TemptationUnclassified
Fairness Accountability and TransparencyUnclassified
Faithful And TrueReligion
File Accommodation TableUnclassified
For Another TimeChat
Fashion Art TypeFashion & Beauty
Frap Atm TrrapUnclassified
Free Art and TechnologyTechnology
Fresh Air ThursdaysFunnies
Frisbees Are TerrificUnclassified
Foxtrot Alpha TangoUnclassified
Fabrication Assembly and TestAssembly
Fabulous Austrian TrioUnclassified
Famine And TemperatureUnclassified
File Accomodation TableUnclassified
File Attribute TransportUnclassified
Focused Ambitious and TransformativeUnclassified
Fried and TastyFood & Nutrition
Frustration Anxiety and TensionUnclassified
Fantastic Amazing TerrificChat
Flight Attitude TableNASA
Food Accommodation and TravelingTravel & Tourism
Future Analog TechnologyHardware

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