What does FBA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FBA:



Florida Bandmasters AssociationUniversities
Fellow of the British AcademyOccupation & Positions
First Banks America, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Faceless Background ApplicationGeneral Computing
Fix Block ArchitectureGeneral Computing
Fransiz Basin AjansiTurkish
Fixed Blocked ANSI-defined printer control charactersGeneral Computing
Fashion Business ArchitectureClothing
Flywheel Blind AssemblyProducts
Fulfillment by AmazonUnclassified
Full Bust AdjustmentClothing
FileMaker Business AllianceBusiness
Forever Batman AdventuresNews & Media
Functional Behavior AssessmentUnclassified
Fufillment By AmazonUnclassified
Foxtrot Bravo AlphaUnclassified
First Baptist AcademyAcademic & Science
Fibre Box AssociationAssociations
Flair Bartenders' AssociationAssociations
Florida Basketball AssociationBasketball
Florida Bicycle AssociationCycling
Franchise Basketball AssociationFunnies
Full Body ArmorMilitary
Fullfilled By AmazonUnclassified
Federal Bar AssociationAssociations
Fellowship of the British AcademyAcademic & Science
finition by AcronymAtticUnclassified
First Baptist AtlantaReligion
Fishing and Boating AccessFishing
Flavio B AmielUnclassified
Flexible Benefit AdministratorsUnclassified
Florida Bankers AssociationAssociations
Florida Brownfields AssociationAssociations
Fluidized Bed AfterburnerUnclassified
Flux balance analysisUnclassified
Football Bowl AssociationFootball
Football Business AcademyBusiness
Foreign Business ActBusiness
Franchise Brokers AssociationAssociations
Fulfillment byUnclassified
Fulfilment by AmazonUnclassified
Fullfillment By AmazonUnclassified
Functional Behavioral AssessmentsUnclassified
Freshwater Biological AssociationSocieties
Fulfilled By AmazonUnclassified
Full Body ApparitionMusic
Functional Behavioral AssessmentEducational
Furnace Bottom AshWaste Managment
Florida Bandmaster's AssociationMusic

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