What does FDN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FDN:



Frente Democrático NacionalMexican
Feedback Delay NetworkElectronics
Fundación Defensores de la NaturalezaGuatemalan
Functional Diagnostic NutritionFood & Nutrition
Fixed Dialing NumberUnclassified
Fixed Dialing NumbersUnclassified
Functional Diagnostic NutritionistProfessional Organizations
Fuerza Democrática NicaragüensePolitics
Friendship Donations NetworkUnclassified
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®Food & Nutrition
Fixed Dialling NumbersUnclassified
French Data NetworkUnclassified
Fully Distinguished NameUnclassified
Financial Diligence NetworksFinance
Feedback Delay NetworksUnclassified
Financiera de Desarrollo NacionalUnclassified
Fixed Dial NumbersUnclassified
Fixed Dialling NumberUnclassified
Focal Duodenal NecrosisUnclassified
Fruta Del NorteUnclassified
Functional Dry NeedlingUnclassified

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