What does FDS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FDS:



Factset Research Systems, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Family Dollar StoresCompanies & Firms
Famicom Disk SystemHardware
Functional Design SpecificationMilitary
Free Dedicated ServerNetworking
Feminine Deodorant SprayPhysiology
Fire Direction SystemMilitary
Flight Data SystemMilitary
Flemish Death SquadronMilitary
Fixed Distribution SystemMilitary
Fine Dining SystemFood & Nutrition
Field Development ShipShipping & Sailing
Factory Default StateProducts
Filtering, Distributing, and ServingTelecom
Fluffy Duck SyndromeFunnies
Fire Detection SystemFire Departments
Factory Design SuiteUnclassified
Fire Dynamics SimulatorUnclassified
Famicom Disc SystemUnclassified
Financial Disclosure StatementsFinance
Final Design SpecificationSoftware
Fertilizer Dealer SupplyUnclassified
Fulfillment Distribution ServicesUnclassified
Design StudioUnclassified
F*** Da SoapUnclassified
Family Day SystemUnclassified
Family Development ServicesDevelopment
Fashion design SolutionsFashion & Beauty
Fast Disc SpeedUnclassified
Fawk Da SoapUnclassified
Federated Department StoresUnclassified
Financial Data ScheduleGeneral Business
Financial Disclosure StatementGeneral Business
Financial Disclosure SystemFinance
Fire Dynamics SimulationUnclassified
Fixed Distributed SystemUnclassified
Flight Display SystemsUnclassified
Flight Dynamics SystemUnclassified
Forensic Data ServicesPolice
Future Design SchoolSchools
Fault Detection SystemMilitary
Fedora Directory ServerDatabases
Fetal Death SyndromeMedical
Fim de SemanaPortuguese
Fire Detection and SuppressionNASA
Flexor digitorum superficialisSurgical
Flight Design and SchedulingNASA
Flight Design SystemNASA
Flight Document SystemDatabases
Flight Dynamics SimulatorNASA
Flight Dynamics SoftwareNASA
Fluid Distribution SystemNASA
Fraud Detection SystemGeneral Business
Fresh Daily SongMusic
Fuel Density SensorAircraft & Aviation

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