What does FFM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FFM:



FrankFurt am MainGerman
Fat Free MassPhysiology
Fulton Fish MarketCompanies & Firms
Fergus Falls, Minnesota USAAirport Codes
Freakin Friday MamboUnclassified
Flat File MultiplexorUnclassified
Female Female MaleUnclassified
Federally facilitated MarketplaceUnclassified
Federación de Fútbol de MadridUnclassified
Female Female ManUnclassified
Family Future MarketingMarketing
Flea and Flower MarketsUnclassified
Frequent Flyer MilesGeneral Business
Female Financial ManagementManagement
Fast Foto MessengerUnclassified
Fédération Française de MotocyclismeFederation
Fluorescence Fluctuation MicroscopeUnclassified
Fairchild Fashion MediaNews & Media
Five Factor ModelUnclassified
Full Face MaskUnclassified
Faith Fellowship MinistriesUnclassified
Festival des Films du MondeFestivals
Fellowship of Faith for MuslimsReligion
Fundação Faculdade de MedicinaUnclassified
Fact Finding MissionUnclassified
Fairer Funding ModelUnclassified
Fashion For MenFashion & Beauty
Father Frederick McGinnUnclassified
Federal Financial ManagementManagement
Female to Female to MaleUnclassified
Festival of Faith and MusicMusic
Field Farms MarketingMarketing
Field Force ManagementManagement
Final Fantasy MastersUnclassified
Finite Field MethodUnclassified
First Flight MiddleUnclassified
Flea and Flower MarketUnclassified
Follow For ManagerUnclassified
for Frankfurt amUnclassified
Forecasting Financial MarketsFinance
Forest Fire ManagementManagement
Forsyth Farmers MarketUnclassified
Fortnite Funny MOmentsUnclassified
Free Flying ModuleUnclassified
Freedom Fighting ModeUnclassified
Free-Flying ModuleNASA

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