What does FIFO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FIFO:



First In, First OutElectronics
Fly In Fly OutGeneral Business
Flow In, Flow OutOcean Science
Free In And Free OutAccounting
Fit In or F*** OffChat
F***ing Idiots From OhioFunnies
First Input First OutputStock Exchange
Food In First OrderFood & Nutrition
Fast Inventory From OverstockUnclassified
First Inventory Find OutUnclassified
First Invite First OutUnclassified
Fish In Fish OutUnclassified
Free in Free OutUnclassified
First In First OutGeneral Business
First-in first-outBusiness
Fit In or Fuck OffUnclassified
Fly-In Fly-OutUnclassified
Fall In, Fall OutMilitary

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