What does FORD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FORD:



Fix Or Repair DailyFunnies
Found On Road DeadFunnies
Forward Industries, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
First On Recall DayFunnies
Flip Over Read DirectionsFunnies
Fast Only Rolling DownhillFunnies
Found On Russian DumpFunnies
Fixed Or Repaired DailyFunnies
Fork Over Repair DoughFunnies
Fireball On Rear DentingFunnies
Forced On Reluctant DriversFunnies
Frequent Opinion of Rotten DirtFunnies
Fatally Obese Redneck DriverFunnies
Fix Or Recycle DilemmaFunnies
Flipped Over Roadside DisasterFunnies
Foot On Road DeceleratesFunnies
Finally Obsolete Racing DeviceFunnies
Funny Old Rattling DumpFunnies
Free Or Reduced DrasticallyFunnies
Formed Of Rejected DNAFunnies
Forum for the Restoration of DemocracyNon-Profit Organizations
First On Race DayFunnies
Factory Ordered Road DisasterFunnies
Fords Only Run DownhillFunnies
Found On Rubbish DumpFunnies
Fails On Rainy DaysFunnies
First On Rust and DeteriorationFunnies
First On Road to DumpFunnies
Flintstone Or Rubble DrivenFunnies
Flipping Over Results in DeathFunnies
Follow Our Ruddy DogsledFunnies
Found Outside Rotting DumpFunnies
Found Outside Refuse DumpFunnies
Forgot Our Recommended DefaultsFunnies
Fantastically Orgasmic Realistic DreamFunnies
Famous Odor Resistant DogFunnies
Fond Of Resonating DecibelsFunnies
Found On Red DumpsterFunnies
Funky Old Rebuilt DodgeFunnies
First On Rubbish DumpFunnies
Found Off Road DeadFunnies
Found On Redneck's DrivewayFunnies
Fix Often Repair DailyGeneral Computing
Fumes and Odors Readily DetectableFunnies
Forward Only, Reverse DefectiveFunnies
Found On Road DailyFunnies
For Only Real DriversFunnies
Frequently On Ritalin, DesignersFunnies
Frequent Overhaul, Rapid DeteriorationFunnies
Forlorn, Old, Ratridden DustbinFunnies
Forwarded Once, Return DeniedFunnies
Failed On Race DayFunnies
Forget Out-Running DaleFunnies
Fastest On Race DayFunnies
First Order of Reproductive DisciplineFunnies
Final Organ of Reproductive DisciplineFunnies
Forever On Road DrivingFunnies
Fix On Race DayRacing
Flying Orbital Radioactive DisasterNASA
Fastest On Road, Dip!Funnies
For Old, Rotten DeadbeatFunnies
Fail On Road DailyFunnies
Fabulous Off Road DrivingFunnies
Feeble Old Redneck DrivingFunnies
Found On Reservation DeadFunnies
First On Racing DayRacing
Finds Old Rusty DriversFunnies
Fatto Oggi Rotto DomaniUnclassified
Funny Old Red DogsUniversities
Flames On Road DailyFunnies
Flys Over Rolled DodgeFunnies
Freeloaders On Runaway DonkeyFunnies
Flying Out Right DudeUnclassified
Fix Occasionly Rarely DailyUnclassified
Fast Otoes Race DiligentlyFunnies
Found On Racetrack DeadFunnies
Fuel Oil Repair DailyUnclassified
F***d Over Rebuilt DodgeFunnies
Driver Returns On FootFunnies
Ford Owners Recommend DodgeFunnies
Forget Out Runnin DaleUnclassified
For Our Retarded DaughterFunnies
Fat Old Retarded DriverFunnies
Found on Roadside DeadUnclassified
Found Offroading Rescuing DodgeFunnies
Fixed Or Repaired Daily…Unclassified
Family Occupation Recreation DreamsParks & Recreation
Freaken Owner Really DumbFunnies
Forgive Our Retarded DesignersFunnies
F***ed Over Rebuilt DodgeUnclassified
Farmers Other Reason to DrinkFunnies
Full Of Road DustFunnies
Found On Rubbish DumpsUnclassified
Fixing Old Rebuilt DodgeHobbies
Fix Or Return for DodgeFunnies
For Old Retired DriversLaw & Legal
Fabricación Ordinaria, Rotura DiariaFunnies
First Owner Real Dumba**Funnies
For Only Rolling DownhillFunnies
F***ed On Race DayFunnies
F**kin Okies Really DiggemFunnies
Falling Off Road DeadFunnies
Fix Or Repair DallyFunnies
Found Our Relative DeceasedFunnies
Forgotten Old Rustedout DodgeFunnies
Found On Refuage DumpUnclassified
Fags On Rear DriveFunnies
For Out-Running DuramaxesFunnies
Found Out Rescuing DodgesFunnies
Four Old Rusty DoorsFunnies
Frequent Often Repair DisasterProducts
Found Offroad Rescuing DuramaxFunnies
Fellow Only Runs DownhillUnclassified
F***ed Out of Riding DescentFunnies
Found On The Road DeadUnclassified
First Owner Really DullMiscellaneous
Fireball On Roadway: DETOUR!Funnies
Fixed Or Repeared DailyUnclassified
Fond Of Red DieselUnclassified
First On Racing DowRacing
For Only Regret DominatesFunnies
Fried Old Rat DumpFunnies
Freaken Old Rebuilt DodgeUnclassified
Ford Owners Ride DonkeysUnclassified
Found Our Real DogFunnies
Family Occupation Recreation and DreamsParks & Recreation
For Out-Running DodgesFunnies
Ford Operates Reliable DealershipsFunnies
Ford Owners Recommend DynamiteUnclassified
Family Organization Recreation DreamsParks & Recreation
Flagilently Overactive Re DisorderFunnies
For Only Runs DownhillUnclassified
For Over Reckless DrivingFunnies
Fraternal Order of Restored SotosFunnies
Fix Orally Repulsive DummiesUnclassified
Fits On Rodeo DiscBlogs
Ford Owners R DistraughtUnclassified
Father's Overly Regretted DecisionUnclassified
Firestones On: Really Dangerous!Funnies
Flipped Over Russian DunebuggyRussian
Ford Owners R Dissed-offUnclassified
For Orgasim Ride DriverFunnies
Ford Owners Recommend DumpingUnclassified
Frequently Over Rated DudCompanies & Firms
Ford Owners Recommend DemolitionderbyUnclassified
For Outrages Road DistancesFunnies
Ford Owners Request DaewooUnclassified
Fix Or Repair DailyandUnclassified
Found Off Road DrivingFunnies
Flips Over Readily, Dude!Funnies
Ford Owners Recommend DaewooUnclassified
Fully Over Rebuilt DodgeFunnies
Found On Road DrivingMiscellaneous
First On Road DeadUnclassified
Flipped Over Rolling DeadFunnies
Farmer On Road DeadFunnies
Fix Or Repair DepartmentUnclassified
Family Owend Rental VehicleMiscellaneous
For Old Retired DummiesFunnies
Ford Owners R DesperateUnclassified
Ford Owners Reposessed DelightfullyUnclassified
Freaking Old Recycled DodgeUnclassified
Fritos Olives Radishes DonutsFunnies
Failed On Recall DateFunnies
For Orgasmic Road DreamsFunnies
Ford Owners R DisgustedUnclassified
Found On Roadkill DramaHealthcare
Found Out Rarely DriveableFunnies
Found Out Rejected DiarrheaFunnies
Four On Right DeadBasketball
Fricked Over Rebuilt DodgeFunnies

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