What does FRAP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FRAP:



Fluorescence Recovery After PhotobleachingChemistry
FRibourg Atomic PhysicsPhysics
Frame Relay Access ProbeElectronics
Flat Response Acoustic PickupMusic
Frantic Random Activities PeriodUS Government
Frente Revolucionario de Acción PopularPolitics
Frente Revolucionario de Antifascista y PatriotaSpanish
Ferric Reducing Ability of PlasmaLaboratory
Facilitated Risk Analysis ProcessGeneral Business
Fluorescent Recovery after PhotobleachingUnclassified
Faculty Research Award ProgramResearch
Federal Rules of Appellate ProcedureLaw & Legal
Fire and Resource Assessment ProgramUnclassified
Freight Route Analysis ProjectTransportation
Frequent Rapid Activity PeriodPhysiology
Fluidity recovery after photobleachingUnclassified
Faculty Research Assistance ProgramResearch
FKBP-Rapamycin Associated ProteinHuman Genome
Frantic Random Acts of PlayUnclassified
Free Routes Airspace ProjectTransportation
Fun Random Acts of PlayUnclassified
Fire Resource and Assessment ProgramUnclassified
Faculty Research Awards ProgramResearch
Federal Radon Action PlanUnclassified
Flourescence Recovery After PhotobleachingUnclassified
Formal Reasoning About ProgramsUnclassified
Frenetic Random Activity PeriodsUnclassified
Fluoride-Resistant Acid PhosphataseChemistry

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