What does FRI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FRI:



FridayDays Abbreviations
Full Repairing And InsuringGeneral Business
Florida Reading InitiativeUnclassified
Fuerza de Reacción InmediataGuatemalan
Fully Repairing And InsuringUnclassified
Fellow of Royal InstitutionAwards & Medals
Final Random InspectionUnclassified
Forest Research InstituteForestry
Fujitsu Research InstituteInstitutes
Forced Resignations IncorporatedFunnies
Fire Rescue InternationalUnclassified
For Real IndulgenceUnclassified
Financial Research InstituteInstitutes
Florida Radiology ImagingPhotography & Imaging
Freshman Research InitiativeResearch
Freshman Research ImmersionResearch
Fisheries Research InstituteInstitutes
Framingham Risk IndexBritish Medicine
Fast Research InterfaceResearch
Facility Reported IncidentsUnclassified
Federal Rushers intelligenceUnclassified
Finance Risk InstituteFinance
Fire Return IntervalUnclassified
Fiscal Rule IndexUnclassified
Flood Risk IndexUnclassified
Florida Research InstrumentsResearch
Fluorescence Reflectance ImagingBritish Medicine
Foundational Research InstituteResearch
Fourniture Robinetterie IndustrielleUnclassified
Fractionation Research IncResearch
Freiburger Rockmusiker InitiativeUnclassified
Freshmen Research ImmersionResearch
Fuel Revenue IndexingUnclassified
Functional Reading IndependenceUnclassified
Family Relationships IndexBritish Medicine
Farm Radio InternationalNon-Profit Organizations
Fellow of the Real Estate InstituteAwards & Medals
Finbar International LtdASX Symbols
Food Research InstituteFood & Nutrition
Frontline Readiness for ImplementationBritish Medicine

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