What does FRN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FRN:



Floating-Rate NoteAccounting
FrenchLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Fcc Registration NumberUnclassified
Force Requirement NumberMilitary
FoReigN AffiliationFBI Files
Fiberglass Reinforced NylonUnclassified
Federal Reserve NoteUnclassified
Food Recovery NetworkFood & Nutrition
Faculty Resource NetworkUnclassified
Federal Republic of NigeriaAfrican
Floating rate notesUnclassified
Federal Relations NetworkUnclassified
Fall Rally NorthUnclassified
Family Resource NavigatorsUnclassified
Family Resource NetworkUnclassified
Federal Register NoticeUnclassified
Federal Register NoticesUnclassified
Federal Registration NumberUnclassified
Federal Reserve NotesUnclassified
Feedback Related NegativityUnclassified
Force Requirements NumberUnclassified
Foundations Recovery NetworkFoundations
Free Radio NetworkUnclassified
Fuel Rewards NetworkUnclassified
Fugitive Recovery NetworkUnclassified
Full Range NaphthaUnclassified
Funding Request NumberUnclassified
Further Review NeededUnclassified
F***ing Railroad NutUnclassified
F**king Right NowChat
FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Registration NumberUS Government
Fiber Reinforced NylonUnclassified
Fixed Rate NoteBanking
Floating Rate NoteBusiness
For Right NowChat

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