What does FTC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FTC:



Federal Trade CommissionInternational Business
Foreign Tax CreditInternational Business
For The ChildrenUnclassified
Fire Team CharlieUnclassified
Fundamental Theorem of CalculusMathematics
Feed The ChildrenNon-Profit Organizations
File Trading CenterUnclassified
Fall Training ConferenceConferences
Fuel Tank CapProducts
Finance and Trade CentreInternational Business
Fast Track CalculusUnclassified
Fatten The ConsumerFunnies
Face The CharmUnclassified
Frente de Trabajadores CristianosGuatemalan
Fear The ClawUnclassified
Frequent Travelers ClubTransportation
Federal Trade CouncilCouncil
Forget Those ClaimsUnclassified
Foil The CommunistsUnclassified
Feel This ClanUnclassified
Fixed Term ContractGeneral Business
Free The CityCities
FIRST Tech ChallengeUnclassified
Florida Test CenterNASA
Full Time ContractGeneral Business
F*** The CreatorsUnclassified
Fair Trade CashmereUnclassified
Federal Trade Commission'sCommissions
Farmers Telephone CooperativeFarming & Agriculture
Financial Transaction CardFinance
Five Towns CollegeColleges
For The CityCities
Fairfield Theatre CompanyCompanies & Firms
Fast Time ConstantUnclassified
Federal TradeUnclassified
Federal Trade CommisionUnclassified
Fedreal Trade CommissionCommissions
Filtration Technology CorporationTechnology
Financial Transparency CoalitionFinance
first Touch CoordinatesUnclassified
Florida Theatre ConferenceConferences
Foil Towel and CoolerUnclassified
Forgetting Teens and ChildrenUnclassified
Framework Type CodeUnclassified
Full Term CommencingUnclassified
Fail To CloseMechanics
Failure To ComplyMilitary
Farmers Telephone CompanyGeneral Business
Federal Trade Commission (U.S.)US Government
Felcra Training and ConsultancyAsian
FiltronicLondon Stock Exchange
Finance and Trade CenterCompanies & Firms
Fire Control Technician Chief Petty OfficerNavy
First To CommentTwitter
Flight Test ConductorNASA
Foundation for Tennessee ChessChess
Fuel Transport CompanyMilitary

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