What does FTD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FTD:



Florists Transworld DeliveryCompanies & Firms
FrontoTemporal DementiaPhysiology
Federal Tax DepositAccounting
Follow That DreamEducational
Fill Threads DatabaseDatabases
Fort Dearborn Income Securities, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Field Training DetachmentMilitary
Future Techno DesignsCompanies & Firms
Frequency Time DescriptorElectronics
Failure To DeactivateMilitary
Faster Than DarkFunnies
Feeling Totally DisgustedChat
Far Target DesignatorMilitary
Frequenting The DoghouseChat
Follow Thru DayUnclassified
Florists Transcontinental DeliveryCompanies & Firms
Funny Tall DudeFunnies
Fails To DeliverUnclassified
Fresh To DeathUnclassified
Foreign Trade DivisionGovernmental
Florist Transworld DeliveriesUnclassified
For The DreamUnclassified
Facebook Transmitted DiseaseDiseases
From The DarkUnclassified
Financial Times DeutschlandFinance
Fixing To DiePhysiology
Floral Timed DeliveryUnclassified
F***ed The DeputyUnclassified
Facebook Transmitted DiseasesDiseases
Faster Than DeathUnclassified
Florist Transworld DeliveryUnclassified
Florists Telegraph DeliveryUnclassified
Florists’ Telegraph Delivery AssociationCompanies & Firms
For The DumpUnclassified
Forever Through DairyUnclassified
Frank and Tess DetectivesUnclassified
From The DepthsUnclassified
From Them DepthsUnclassified
Frontal Temporal DementiaUnclassified
Fronto Temporal DementiaUnclassified
Florescent To DaylightArchitecture
Florists' Transworld DeliveryUnclassified
Food Technology DesignFood & Nutrition
Foresight 3London Stock Exchange
Formal Thought DisorderPsychology
Frontotemporal DegenerationDiseases

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