What does FTS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FTS:



Federal Technology ServiceUS Government
Full Text SearchGeneral Computing
Fourier Transform SpectrometerNASA
Federal Telecommunications SystemOcean Science
Flying Training SchoolMilitary
Footstar, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Full Time SupportMilitary
Federal Telephone SystemMilitary
Failed To ScoreSports
File Transfer ServicesMilitary
Fault Tolerant SystemHardware
Full Time SoldierMilitary
Filamentous Temperature SensitiveUnclassified
First Time StarterUniversities
Filamenting Temperature SensitiveUnclassified
Fair Treatment SystemUniversities
Flex Image Transport Graphics fileFile Extensions
Field Technical ServiceGeneral Computing
Full-Text Search results fileFile Extensions
F*ck That S*itChat
Funds Transfer SystemFunds
Forest Technology SystemsForestry
Fault Tolerant StorageUnclassified
Firearm Training SchoolSchools
Fujitsu Technology SolutionsTechnology
Fleet Technical ServicesGeneral Business
Finesse the StressUnclassified
Fido Technical SuggestionUnclassified
French Toast SundayUnclassified
Fusion Termination ShockwavePhysics
Financial Tracking ServiceFinance
Financial Transparency SystemUnited Nations
for Talent SkipUnclassified
Freedom Telecom Services (out of business)Telecom
F*** This Sh*tSlang
Fabric Tension SystemUnclassified
Faith Theological SeminaryUnclassified
Family Treatment ServicesUnclassified
Fast Track SettlementUnclassified
Fast Track SurgerySurgical
Field Terminal SupportUnclassified
Financial Technical ServicesGeneral Business
Fingerprint Transaction SystemsUnclassified
First Term SeminarUnclassified
Fixing To StartUnclassified
Flash Tune SystemUnclassified
Flight Telerobotic ServicerUnclassified
Flight Test SystemUnclassified
Flores Technical ServicesUnclassified
Floyd Thomas and SmithUnclassified
Fokker Team SchorndorfUnclassified
Follow The SunUnclassified
Food Travel StayFood & Nutrition
For The StoryUnclassified
Foresight Training and StudiesUnclassified
Forever Together StrongUnclassified
Fourier Transform SpectroscopyUnclassified
Frac Tech ServicesUnclassified
Freedom Telecom ServicesTelecom
French Toast SticksFrench
Friday To SundayUnclassified
From The SouthUnclassified
Funds Transfer SchemeFunds
Failure To StopAutomotive
Failure to SupportPolice
Fair Testing ServicesCompanies & Firms
Fast Track ScheduleIT
Fast Track ServerIT
Fault Tolerance ServerIT
Favourite Track SelectionAutomotive
Federal Telecommunications ServiceTelecom
Federal Telephone ServiceMilitary
Fiber Transport ServicesIT
Fiber Transport SystemIT
Fight The SystemNon-Profit Organizations
File Transfer ServiceMilitary
File Transfer SoftwareIT
File Transfer SupportIT
File Transfer SystemIT
First Time SetupSoftware
First Trimester ScreeningLaboratory
Fleet-Tech Transportation ServicesAutomotive
Flight Termination SystemNASA
Flight Test StationNASA
Fluid Technology SolutionsAutomotive
Force Torque SensorAutomotive
Formula Telecom Solutions, LTD.London Stock Exchange
Fortis, Inc., common stockToronto Stock Exchange
Friday Thursday SaturdayLaw & Legal
Front To SideAutomotive
Fuel Tank SafetyEngineering
Fuel Temperature SensorAutomotive
Fuel Temperature SwitchAutomotive
Fuel Tracking SystemAutomotive
Fuels Tax SystemAutomotive
Full Throttle SeriesAutomotive
Full Throttle SpeedwayAutomotive
Full-Time SupportMilitary
Functional Test SpecificationNASA

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