What does GA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GA:



Go AheadChat
Geographic AreaGeology
General AssemblyOcean Science
Genetic AlgorithmSoftware
General AviationTransportation
Google AnswersMeteorology
Goals AgainstSoccer
General AdmissionSports
Gestational AgePhysiology
Gaelic (Irish)Language Codes (2 Letters)
General AvailabilityGeneral Business
General AnesthesiaPhysiology
Guardian AngelOccupation & Positions
Graduate AssistantUniversities
General AssistanceGeneral Business
General AssignmentNews & Media
Gibberellic AcidChemistry
General AuthorityUS Government
General AppearancePhysiology
Genetically AlteredHuman Genome
General AgentGeneral Computing
Gillian AndersonFamous & Celebs
Great AmericaState & Local
Group AssignmentGeneral Business
General of the ArmyOccupation & Positions
Generally AvailableUnclassified
GIS (Graphics Information System) AnalysisMilitary
General ArrangementGeneral Business
General AnestheticOncology
Giorgio ArmaniFamous & Celebs
Gift AidUS Government
General AmericanUnclassified
Growth AcceleratedBotany
Grand AdmiralMilitary
Georgia AnnNames and Nicknames
Goal AverageHockey
Group AddressNetworking
Gambling ActLaw & Legal
Graduate AssistantshipsUnclassified
Guten AppetitGerman
Geographical AssociationProfessional Organizations
Guardian AngelsUnclassified
General ArtsArt
Grant AgreementNon-Profit Organizations
George AlbertNames and Nicknames
God AwfulFood & Nutrition
George AndersonFamous & Celebs
General AssemUnclassified
Gianni AgnelliUnclassified
Goal AttackHockey
Giga AnnumUnit Measures
Graphics ArrayDatabases
Genioglossus AdvancementUS Government
Geographic AddressUS Government
God's ApprovalReligion
Gastric AnalysisPhysiology
Golden AwardsAwards & Medals
Greatest AttributeUnclassified
Gamer's AllianceHobbies
Generic AllUnclassified
Graded AssignmentSchools
CSX Transportation IncorporatedRailroads
Garuda AndUnclassified
IEEE Andrew S. Grove AwardIEEE
Glorious AllianceScience Fiction
Groovy AmbientUnclassified
Gear ArenaCompanies & Firms
Gamers AddictedUnclassified
Gazillion AnnumUnit Measures
Giovani AgnelliUnclassified
Gould AerospaceCompanies & Firms
General Average (Avarie commune)French
Generate AllomorphsMathematics
Generated AxiomMathematics
General AbilityMathematics
Google AnalyticsUnclassified
Global AeronauticaManufacturing
GaugeUnit Measures
Goal AttackGSUnclassified
Government AssistanceGovernmental
Guns AnywhereUnclassified
Girls In ActionUnclassified
General ActivationGeneral Business
Greenwich Atomic (name used in UK for UTC prior to 1964)Time Zones
Tabun, A Nerve AgentMilitary
Galactic AdventuresUnclassified
General AssistantGeneral Business
Georgia ApartmentCompanies & Firms
Goal AgainstUnclassified
Government AgenciesPolice
Governor AnnouncesUnclassified
Gambler's AnonymousNon-Profit Organizations
GarageHousing & Amenities
General AudiencesMarketing
Geologists' AssociationSocieties
George AlfordNames and Nicknames
Georgia Railroad (CSX Transportation)Railroads
Glide AngleNASA
Global AcceptanceManufacturing
Go AwayChat
GoaIndia States
Gratitude and AppreciationDevelopment
Guardian's AllowanceGovernmental
Gypsum AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
Gyro AssemblyNASA

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