What does GAY stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GAY:



Good As YouChat
GayoLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Great And YoungUnclassified
Godly As YouFunnies
Gates And YoungLaw & Legal
Grapes and YogurtFood & Nutrition
Great American YouthYouth
Gnome Awareness YouthEducational
Good Allure YippiesUnclassified
Goatly Arrogant YogaUnclassified
God's Angry YouthReligion
Got Aids YetUnclassified
Girls Are YummyFunnies
Girls Are YuckyUnclassified
Gods Angry YouthYouth
Girl A** YankerChat
Gorgeous and YoungUnclassified
Good At YellingFunnies
Green And YellowUnclassified
Girls Are YankableFunnies
Gross Atrocious YuckUnclassified
Great Amazing YesUnclassified
Girls And YoungUnclassified
Graphix Are YusabledYachting
Get Along YayUnclassified
Gguk And YoonsUnclassified

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