What does GB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GB:



Gümrük BirligiTurkish
Great BritainCountries
Game BoyGaming
Guest BookToastmasters
Gold BoxProducts
Green BayState & Local
George BushFamous & Celebs
Green Bay PackersNFL Teams
Gift BoxProducts
Grain BoundaryPhysics
GingerBreadFood & Nutrition
Governing BoardGeneral Business
Give BackAccounting
Garth BrooksFamous & Celebs
GigaBytesUnit Measures
Grand BazarReligion
Chinese textFile Extensions
Good BoyEducational
Gig BagFunnies
GameBoy gameFile Extensions
Grizzly BearVeterinary
Grab BagToastmasters
Games BehindBaseball
Gradient BasedMathematics
George BernardNames and Nicknames
Great BearCompanies & Firms
Gian BattistaFamous & Celebs
Giordano Bruno, Dominican FriarFamous & Celebs
Gadget BoyFunnies
Green BearVeterinary
Gradual BendProducts
Galactic BloodshedScience Fiction
Google BoxSoftware
Girls BlouseClothing
Gator BaitFood & Nutrition
GunBoatShipping & Sailing
Gun BrokerLaw & Legal
Group BuildSoftware
Guo Biao ("National Standard" in Chinese)Governmental
General BeverageCompanies & Firms
Goat BoyFunnies
Guild BoardNon-Profit Organizations
Going BananasChat
German BodyGovernmental
General BothaFamous & Celebs
Gets BeatenSports
Gun BoyFunnies
Guojia BiaozhunUnclassified
Golden BeigeColors
Glass BassMusic
Gerry BurgessFamous & Celebs
George BorgfeldtFamous & Celebs
Gordon BarnesFamous & Celebs
God's BookReligion
Glenn BrennerFamous & Celebs
George BusseyFamous & Celebs
Galbraith BuildingGeneral Business
Guide BrightnessAstronomy
Generalized BremsstrahlungMathematics
Grandpa BenNames and Nicknames
Goofy BunnyFunnies
Guaranteed ButterFood & Nutrition
Gorgeous BruteChat
Golfkl BburUnit Measures
Gallo BeastFunnies
Goldstein and BergquistCompanies & Firms
Gay BoyUnclassified
Ghandi BotFood & Nutrition
Good ByeChat
Geek BoyUnclassified
Ground BallUnclassified
God BlessUnclassified
Good BaldiUnclassified
Gigabit A byteUnclassified
Granville BrothersUnclassified
Great BuyGeneral Business
Garlic BoyUnclassified
Gaussian BlurredUnclassified
Getting BetterUnclassified
Gifted BlessedUnclassified
Good BattleGaming
Good BrothersUnclassified
Governing BodyUnclassified
Gravity BongProducts
Green BuildingUnclassified
Group BufferMilitary
Growing BugsUnclassified
Gall BladderPhysiology
Ghost BustersMiscellaneous
Gilgit BaltistanInternational
Graeco-BohairicLanguage & Literature
Grand BoulevardRegional
Sarin, A Nerve AgentMilitary

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