What does GBH stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GBH:



Grievous Bodily HarmLaw & Legal
Great British HouseFunnies
Great Blue HillGeology
Great Britain HardcoreMusic
Great British HeroFunnies
Grizzly Bear HabitatVeterinary
Great Big HairdosFunnies
Greater Boston HarvardCommunity
Giving Bodies HarmGaming
God Bless HarvardUnclassified
Grevious Bodily HarmUnclassified
Great Big HugChat
Good Beer HuntingHunting
Gamma Benzene HexachlorideBritish Medicine
Generic Brand HumanUnclassified
George Bernard HaswallUnclassified
Great Blue HeronUnclassified
Great Britan HardcoreUnclassified
Great British HardstyleBritish

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