What does GG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GG:



Go GoMusic
Good GameGaming
Golden GateGeology
Greenhouse GasesEnvironmental
Great GrandmotherMiscellaneous
General GovernmentUS Government
Good GirlOccupation & Positions
Goldcorp, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Gamma GlobulinPhysiology
Gilmore GirlsUnclassified
Governor GeneralUnclassified
Galileo GalileiFamous & Celebs
General GamingCompanies & Firms
German GirlUnclassified
Green GiantFood & Nutrition
Game GearUnclassified
Green GoblinFunnies
Graduate GemologistOccupation & Positions
Golden GirlNews & Media
Gulf of GuineaOcean Science
Global GroupCompanies & Firms
Great GrandUnclassified
Government GazetteGovernmental
Green GreenColors
Good GoingUnclassified
Green GorillaFunnies
Geistige GesundheitGerman
Good GriefUnclassified
Genetic GirlFunnies
Gateway GuardianOccupation & Positions
Good GawdFunnies
Geek GadgetsSoftware
Going GayMiscellaneous
Great GrandmaOccupation & Positions
Golden GirlsUnclassified
Good GodUnclassified
Great GuyUnclassified
Gorgeous GuyChat
Great GalChat
Gate GuardianUnclassified
Gift GiversNon-Profit Organizations
Gender GapUnclassified
Girly GirlFunnies
Greg GUnclassified
Geordie GirlUnclassified
The Gamma GammaPhysics
Gothic GirlNews & Media
Green GasEnvironmental
Great GrannyCommunity
Gorbach and GoldinMathematics
Green GooseFood & Nutrition
George GranvilleFamous & Celebs
George GilderUnclassified
Gutter GirlsUnclassified
Gutsy GirlFunnies
Government GirlFunnies
Generic GraphMathematics
Groove GuideMusic
Game GossipUnclassified
Goofy GirlUnclassified
Gustav GravesUnclassified
Genito GenitalUnclassified
Greedy GirlUnclassified
Gourry GabrievUnclassified
Grocery GetterUnclassified
The Gamma GlobulinUnclassified
Global GuardiansUnclassified
Gorgeous GrannyChat
Gilded GrapeMiscellaneous
Golf GalleryGolf
Generation GenocideUnclassified
Gaussian GeminalsPhysics
Garnet and GreyColors
Garbage GutFunnies
Genie GirlsFunnies
Great GramUnclassified
The Generation GroupMusic
Giles GirlUnclassified
Green GanjaUnclassified
Georgia GarlandUnclassified
Grinwood GatorsSports
Galloping Governors Toastmasters ClubToastmasters
Grubby to GraceReligion
Grandma GlendaUnclassified
Gurl GamersFunnies
Grand Group Enterprise, IncorporatedSuppliers
Grandma GalvinCommunity
Gambits GirlfriendFunnies
Guiseppi GucciFamous & Celebs
Gastronomical GuruFood & Nutrition
Grinning GregariouslyChat
Giga GaiaUnclassified
Greg GraberUnclassified
Gatorade GirlUnclassified
Gene GrimesUnclassified
Gorgonian GrottoGeology
G GomathiUnclassified
Grumpy GrowlyUnclassified
Gigatonne A GigatonneUnclassified
Gump The GeckoUnclassified
Gossosp GreenUnclassified
Gallanatron's GloryFunnies
Gossip GirlUnclassified
Girls' GenerationMusic
Gunn3r GamesSports
Gotta GoUnclassified
Glycoprotien GLaboratory
Guns and GuitarUnclassified
Gallanatrons GloryUnclassified
Georgia GGUnclassified
Globensgeng And GlobensgengUnclassified
Geissler GreenhouseBotany
Gadu GaduUnclassified
General GrievousScience Fiction
Get GoodUnclassified
Not Guiseppi GucciUnclassified
Glycoprotein GLaboratory
Goal GroupFDA
Grammar Of GraphicsUnclassified
Gucci GangUnclassified
Grief GirlUnclassified
Gumbel GaussianUnclassified
Gable GillianUnclassified
Galloping GondolaTransportation
Gangsta GanjaUnclassified
Garmet GridUnclassified
Gear GuideUnclassified
Gediz GrabenUnclassified
Georgie GirlUnclassified
Get GudUnclassified
GG GlycyrrhizaUnclassified
GG GoodUnclassified
Giorgetto GiugiaroUnclassified
Girl GamerGaming
Git GudUnclassified
Global GeophysicsPhysics
Glycyrrhiza glabraUnclassified
Golden GunUnclassified
Gonnan GurrlsUnclassified
Good GuyUnclassified
Good GuysUnclassified
Goodness GraciousUnclassified
Goofy GooberUnclassified
Government GradeGovernmental
Great GameGaming
Great GamesUnclassified
Great GrammieUnclassified
Great GraphicsUnclassified
Grumpy GrandpaUnclassified
Gun GameUnclassified
Gunner GuardUnclassified
Gas GeneratorNASA
Giggle GiggleFunnies
Girl GroupTwitter
Girls GuideScouting
Golden GaysMiscellaneous
Good GraciousUnclassified
Gorgeous GrandmaFunnies
Gourmet GoatRestaurants
Graphics GeneratorAircraft & Aviation
Gravity GradientNASA

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