What does GGM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GGM:



Goodness Gracious MeChat
Grupo Guatemalteco de MujeresGuatemalan
Galaxy Gang Music LLCMusic
Grønli Global MarketingMarketing
Group General ManagerOccupation & Positions
Greatest Goal MinistriesUnclassified
Graduate Group in MicrobiologyBiology
Gorki Glaser MüllerUnclassified
Gibsons Garden MachineryUnclassified
Good Governance for MedicinesGovernmental
Gwap Getta MusicMusic
Gordon Garling MoffittUnclassified
Glucose Galactose MalabsorptionUnclassified
Great Grand MastersUnclassified
GoE GTA MultiplayerUnclassified
Goldreich Goldwasser and MicaliUnclassified
Gerontology and Geriatric MedicineMedical
Galaxy Garbi MandalUnclassified
Guy Gross MusicMusic
Gaudiya Grantha MandiraUnclassified
Gemstones Gemology MastersUnclassified
Generic Group ModelUnclassified
Genetics and Genomic MedicineHuman Genome
Geordie Gabba MafiaUnclassified
Global Girl MediaUnclassified
Glucose/Galactose MalabsorptionUnclassified
Gordon Growth ModelUnclassified
Graceful Girth MagazineUnclassified
Grafschafter Gymnasium MoersUnclassified
Gravity Gradient ModeUnclassified
Great Googly MooglyUnclassified
Green Ground MarketUnclassified
Gugje Geared MotorUnclassified
Gaussian Graphical ModelStatistics
great grandmotherGenealogy
Great grandmother: the mother of person's grandparentMiscellaneous

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