What does GIF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GIF:



Graphics Interchange FormatMilitary
Graphical Interchange FormatFile Extensions
Guaranteed Investment FundStock Exchange
General Image FormatOcean Science
Goodie, It's FreeFunnies
CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format Bitmap graphics fileFile Extensions
Get It FirstDevelopment
German Israeli FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Girl Intimate FriendChat
Great Internet FunWebsites
Graphic Interchange FormatUnclassified
Genetically Igineered FotoFunnies
Global Impact FactorJournals
Guy In FrontTexting
Global Innovation FundFunds
Good Integral FunctionMathematics
Geospatial Innovation FacilityNASA
Girl Insanely FailsUnclassified
Glycosylation Inhibiting FactorHuman Genome
Growth and Innovation FrameworkGeneral Business
Girls Isolation FoundationChat
GIF is a formatUnclassified
Growth Inhibitory FactorLaboratory
Greatest Inteligence FormationInternet
Grey Iron FoundryCompanies & Firms
Graphics Inclusion FormulaUnclassified
Guidance Integrated FuzeMilitary
Global Infrastructure FacilityUnclassified
Graphic Interchanged FormatUnclassified
Gauntlet Internet FirewallIT
Global Ill FrameworkIT
Global InterfaceIT
Government Interoperability FrameworkIT

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