What does GIFT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GIFT:



Gamete Intra Fallopian TransferHuman Genome
Gnu Internet File TransferInternet
Gift Internet File TransferInternet
Growing In Faith TogetherUnclassified
Gerald Stevens, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Growth Initiatives For TeachersEducational
Giving Indiana Funds For TomorrowCommunity
Growing In Faith TodayUnclassified
Growing Into The Future TogetherCommunity
Go International For TomorrowUnclassified
Group Interactive Feedback TechnologyElectronics
Getting Involved For TomorrowUnclassified
General Import Format TemplateUnclassified
Giving Is Fun TooCommunity
Generating Income Free Of TaxGeneral Business
Geometric Information For TargetsMilitary
Going Into The Fields TogetherUnclassified
Getting Involved For TecumsehUniversities
Growing In Faith And TheologyUnclassified
Getting Involved Families TogetherUnclassified
God Is Faithful TodayUnclassified
God's Inspiration From TeensUnclassified
Guest Instructors And Formative TasksUniversities
Gear Instruments Flaps And TrimUnclassified
Gujranwala Institute of Future TechnologiesUniversities
Internet File TransferInternet
Gathering Items For TroopsUnclassified
General Import Format TechnologyTechnology
Geosciences Information For TeachersEducational
Global Issues Forum for TomorrowForums
Grassroots Institute for Fundraising TrainingInstitutes
Global Institute of Fashion TechnologyTechnology
GNU Image Finding ToolUnclassified
Giving Inspiration For TomorrowUnclassified
God Is Forever TrueUnclassified
Growing In Fellowship TogetherUnclassified
Gathering Inspiring Future TalentUnclassified
Generations In Faith TogetherUnclassified
Global Initiative for Fiscal TransparencyUnclassified
Go Image Filtering ToolkitUnclassified
Gospel in full truthUnclassified
Great Involvement Future ThinkingUnclassified
Guided Independent Flight TrainingUnclassified
Gujarat International Finance TecFinance
Genuine, Independent, Free, and TransparentBusiness

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