What does GIRL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GIRL:



Girls In Real LifeChat
Graph Information Retrieval LanguageGeneral Computing
Goddess In Real LifeChat
Ghost In Real LifeFunnies
Grumpy Irritable Raging LolitaFunnies
Glamorous Intelligent Respected LeadersFunnies
Grace, Inspiration, Respect, LoveReligion
Guy in Real LifeInternet
Growing Independent Resilient LeadersUnclassified
Ghosts In Real LifeMiscellaneous
Genetically Inferior Retarded LifeformScience Fiction
Growing in Real LoveUnclassified
Generalized Information Retrieval LanguageLanguage & Literature
Gorgeous Intelligent Reliable LeaderYouth
Gamers In Real LifeGaming
Gossipers In Real LifeFunnies
God In Real LifeFunnies
Girl Innovation Research and LearningResearch
Group Interaction Reinforces LearningEducational

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