What does GO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GO:



Go OutUnclassified
Going OutUnclassified
Get OneChat
General OfficeGeneral Business
Get OrganizedGeneral Business
Gene OntologyLaboratory
General OfficerMilitary
Guard OfMilitary
General OrderInternational Business
Greater OpportunitiesEducational
Government of OntarioCanadian
Game OverGeneral Computing
Guys OnlyOccupation & Positions
Global OrderUS Government
Group OperationsEducational
Girls OnlyUnclassified
Golden OpportunityUnclassified
Global OpportunitiesInternational Business
General ObligationUnclassified
General OrganizationGeneral Business
Groups OnlineChat
Golden OldiesUnclassified
Global OpportunityOccupation & Positions
Geeked OutFunnies
Global OpenAssembly
God And OthersUnclassified
Giga OctetGeneral Computing
Group And OthersUnclassified
Guild OfficerOccupation & Positions
Global OutreachUnclassified
Group OrganizerUnclassified
Graphic ObjectUnclassified
Georgetown OneFunnies
G OingUnclassified
Guardian OfficeUnclassified
Gaia OnlineUnclassified
Geometric OpticsOptics
Geometry OptimizationUnclassified
Greg OlsenUnclassified
Gospel OutreachUnclassified
Gainesville OcalaUnclassified
Gentil OrganisateurUnclassified
Growth And OutreachUnclassified
Gnu OnUnclassified
Genetic OptimizerGeneral Computing
Goals And OrganizationUnclassified
Gas OrificeUnclassified
Guelph OrientationUniversities
Guest ObservationsUnclassified
Global OpulenceUnclassified
Guranteed OverdosePhysiology
Bitmap graphics (GraphOn graphics file)File Extensions
Gorizia (Provence)Italian
Walt Disney Company (formerly stock of Go.Com)NYSE Symbols
Geographic OrientatorGeography
Gentil OrganiseurUnclassified
Government OfficeGovernmental
Green OperationsUnclassified
Government OrderBanking
Government OrdersGovernmental
Ground OutBaseball
General OrdersUnclassified
Get OutUnclassified
Global OffensiveUnclassified
Google orUnclassified
Get OnlineChat
Galleon Energy Incorporated (de-listed)Toronto Stock Exchange
Gazetted OfficerState & Local
General OverseerReligion
Getting OrganizedProducts
Government OwnedMilitary

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