What does GOD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GOD:



Gathering Of DevelopersConferences
Guardians Of DarknessScience Fiction
Guardians Of DemocracyUS Government
Global Online DirectoryInternet
Good Orderly DirectionReligion
Guaranteed Overnight DeliveryCompanies & Firms
Good Old DadOccupation & Positions
Groove Over DoseFunnies
Game On DiscHobbies
Gold, Oil, and DrugsPolitics
Gold, Oil, DrugsUS Government
Gravitational Orbits DynamicsNASA
Gathering Of DeitiesGeneral Business
Great Omniscient DeityReligion
Global Overnight DeliveryCompanies & Firms
Gamemaster On DutyGaming
General Operating DeviceGeneral Computing
Global Orbiting DeviceHardware
Generator, Operator, DestroyerReligion
Guitar Over-DriveMusic
Grand Old DecisionReligion
Generic Object DistributorSoftware
Group of DrunksUnclassified
Galactic Order of DimensionsReligion
Global Operations DirectorateUnclassified
God Of DarknessMiscellaneous
Goods of DesireUnclassified
Gallery Of DeathShipping & Sailing
Game of DeathUnclassified
Good Old DaysUnclassified
Generator Operator and DestroyerConstruction
Giver Of DoctrineReligion
Great/grand otherworldly dimention/domianReligion
Generator Operator DestroyerUnclassified
Geometrical Oriented DynamicsPhysics
Growth, Order, and DevelopmentReligion
Guns Oil DrugsUnclassified
Gold Oil and DrugsDrugs
Greg Overcross DieUnclassified
Generator Organizer and DestroyerUnclassified
Grand, Omnipotent, DivineReligion
Greatest Order of DiversityFunnies
Guardians Of DeathReligion
Games On DemandInternet
Generation, Organization, DeliveryGeneral Business
Good Old DayMiscellaneous
Great Omniscient DeviceHardware

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