What does GOOGLE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GOOGLE:



Giving Opinions & Options Generously Linked EverywhereFunnies
General Organism Optimized For Gratification And Logical ExplorationFunnies
Gradually Overcoming Our Ghastly Legal EnvironmentFunnies
God's Only Online Gateway Linking ElectronicallyReligion
Gradually Overcoming Obstacles by God's Love & EternityReligion
Girl's Only Online Liberal EngagementChat
Great Opportunity to Operationalize a Gullible Luddite ExploitationFunnies
Gargantuan On-line Operation of Government Law EnforcementFunnies
General Oblivion and Omnipotent Guide to Lots of EverythingFunnies
Gracios Opinions Of God's Living EntitiesFunnies
Gallery Of Overstimulated GirLs EverytimeFunnies
God's Own Official Guide to Locating EverythingFunnies
Government Owned Operated Global Lookup EngineInternet
Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of EarthFunnies
Go Online Or Go Look EverywhereFunnies
Global Organisation of Oriented Group Language of EarthLanguage & Literature
Global Online Options and Greatly Linked EducationInternet
Group Of Organisms Giggling, Laughing, and EnjoyingFunnies
Get Over Our Gay Lame ExamplesUnclassified
General Orientation Over Gobblins Legal EnterpriseFunnies
Government Operatives Observing Legally EveryoneFunnies
Governmental Organization for Observation of General Life on EarthFunnies
Great Oogling Options Gathered Legally EverydayFunnies
Giving Opinions Options Generously Linked EverywhereUnclassified
10^100 (Ten to the power of one hundred; ten followed by hundred zeros)Mathematics
Global Organization of Oriented Group Languages of EarthAsian
Grand Online Oracle Generating Legitimate ExplanationsUnclassified
Go out over globe love everyoneUnclassified
Get On an Old Getaway car Left On the Edge of a volcanoInternet
Group of Opinions Overwhelmed with Ghasty behaviour Leaping on EverybodyFunnies
Government Operations Getting Larger EverydayGovernmental
Government Organization and Operation of Governing Laypeople EverywhereFunnies
Government Officials Observing Global Life EverywhereFunnies
Global Object Of General Language EngineWebsites
Get Out Of Goats Land EatersFunnies
Good Old Official Government Law EnforcementFunnies
Government Optimization Organization Gradual Legislative EncampmentsFunnies
Give Opportunity Or Give Little EmploymentFunnies
Gup Shup OF Oriental Grouping League On EntireFunnies
Great Opportunity for Operating on General Legal EntityFunnies
Global Olive Organization General Legacy EmitFunnies
Global Organization of Oriented Global Language of EarthLanguage & Literature
Good Offers Other Games Like ExamplesUnclassified
Good Offers Other Games Like Examples?Funnies
Government Operations & Observations by GPS for Law EnforcementFunnies
Great Opportunity Of Greater Learning ExperienceFunnies
Great Organization Of Good Leader's ExplorationFunnies

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